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I really don’t have a tough time believing the latest poll of Lone Star State voters that says The President only gets 17% of the White vote compared to 77% for Romney.  When you think about it, look at the faces of those that have been bashing the President in the Lone Star State the past three and a half years – Guv Dude, AG Abbott, the Lite Guv, and Sen. Cornyn.  You get the picture.  It’s Black and White.  When you think about it some more, the face of The President’s defender in the Lone Star State is the Mayor of SA.  Who else?   So it really doesn’t surprise me that The President leads 90% to 6% among Black voters in the Lone Star State.  Of course, we’re not supposed to be talking about race in politics in 2012.  Sure! 
Here is the Texas Tribune story on the poll.

That’s what happens when you don’t have a two-party state.

The 2013 ‘Stros schedule was released yesterday – name next year’s interleague opponents? 

Burkablog is already talking about 2016.

A poll of voters in the U.S. of A. says most folks think The President will win the debates.

Another poll says Dems are starting to get more interested in the race for Prez.

A lot of the national talking heads are saying that the electoral map is starting to look more difficult for Romney.

That’s still not stopping Guv Dude and his SOS from kicking live dead folks off of the voter rolls.  Why are they doing this?

The Brewers, Cubbies, Pirates, Reds, Rockies, and San Luis of course are our 2013 interleague opponents.  Get used to it!

In late May we have two games at home against the Rockies followed by two games at Coors.  We play at The Yard on the holidays:  Memorial Day (Rockies), Fourth of July (Rays), and Labor Day (Twins).

The Red Sox visit The Yard the first week of August and the Yankees visit the final weekend of the season.

You know I’m hurting when I’m already talking about next year’s schedule and we still have 19 games left on this season’s schedule.

Before the game reliever Mickey Storey came out by my seats and hugged a little girl – his daughter.  In the eighth inning he was put in the game and got smacked on the jaw by a line drive.

Junction Jack will be laid to rest after the next homie.

The best thing about last night was seeing Cheech Marin throw out the first pitch.


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