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It’s been eleven years and we will always remember!

CEWDEM and my pal Robert Miller put out the NY Times piece on waiting for Godot – the Latino vote to show up in the Lone Star State and like Superman save the Dem Party from distress.
In case you hadn’t read it, here it is.

Here is what Commentary had to say back in June:

Here is from hoping you don’t wish upon a star or maybe the Harris County Dem Chair should not have said anything department.  It is from a Houston Press piece today about waiting on Godot, errr the local Latino vote to show up:

Democrats may presage the looming Hispanic vote, but the percentage of residents in this demographic who actually do so has, in fact, dropped. In 2004, roughly 42 percent of Latinos went to the polls. Then, in 2008, that number deflated to 38 percent. Two years ago, even lower: around 22 percent. Across the nation, the population of registered Hispanic voters shriveled from 11.6 million in 2008 to 10.9 million in 2010.
So what’s going to make this year any different?

I certainly don’t have a problem with the NY Times checking out Commentary and using my Godot line.  Of course, Commentary has been talking about waiting for Godot for the last decade and a half and Godot has been written up a kazillion times or so.  I’m not going to get in to calling out folks.  Here is the problem though.

The Lone Star State Dem Party is a Party of targeting and not nurturing.  Rather than growing the Party, we focus on a few congressional and legislative races every election cycle.  A lot of them are the same congressional and legislative districts. It is happening again this election cycle. 

Dems are fighting to get to 56 or 57 members of the Texas House, hanging on to SD 10, and for another couple of members of Congress.  I don’t have a problem with that but if that’s all there is we’re not going to grow the Latino in places like Harris and surrounding counties and where a lot of the state’s population growth is. If you really want to get serious about turning Texas blue, the Party needs to chase the Latino growth.   It may not get you legislative seats in November, but it could in Novembers to come. 

Some of the articles make it sound like the Latino voter just doesn’t care and doesn’t want to play.  The Lone Star State Democratic Party just hasn’t made the investment – pure and simple.  Until you make the investment, when they don’t show up to vote, don’t blame them!

BTW:  Estragon is one of the two lead actors in the play “Waiting for Godot.”  He has the first line of the opening act of the play:  “Nothing to be done!”

The ‘Stros announced their all-time 25 player roster yesterday and here is a part of the press release.  How many of the 25 never made the MLB All-Star Team as a ‘Stro?

The all-time roster was assembled as part of the Astros’ 50th anniversary celebration and consists of 13 position players, 12 pitchers and manager Larry Dierker, who was also voted to the team as a pitcher. The group includes starters at each position, a five-man rotation, a seven-man bullpen with a designated closer and five utility players.

The starting position players named to the all-time roster are catcher Alan Ashby, first baseman Jeff Bagwell, second baseman Craig Biggio, third baseman Doug Rader, shortstop Craig Reynolds and outfielders Lance Berkman, Cesar Cedeno and Jose Cruz.

The starting rotation consists of five right-handers: Dierker, Joe Niekro, Nolan Ryan, Roy Oswalt and Mike Scott. Five of the seven pitchers in Houston’s all-time bullpen were actually starters during their days with the Astros. That bullpen includes J.R. Richard, Shane Reynolds, Mike Hampton, Dave Smith, Don Wilson and Roger Clemens as well as appointed closer Billy Wagner.

Rounding out the all-time roster are utility players Jimmy Wynn, Bob Watson, Joe Morgan, Bill Doran and Ken Caminiti, all of whom were everyday players throughout their time in Houston.

October 4 can’t come soon enough.  That’s the day after the ‘Stros are done for 2012.  13,000 and change last night and I didn’t make it.  I handed off my tickets to one of my Planned Parenthood pals.

Today the Chron has a piece on The Rocket and a possible comeback at The Yard.  Oh brother!  The Rockets says he’d like to pitch against a contender.  The owner says this:

“I don’t think we would consider that. I think if we did that, it would not be against a contender.”

Then this from the Chron:

Regarding (owner Jim) Crane’s comments that Clemens would not pitch against a playoff contender, Luhnow added, “I do believe that maintaining the integrity of the playoffs is always high on our priority list.”

How about maintaining the integrity of baseball and the team?  I know the team is losing games like crazy but that doesn’t mean the front office has to lose their minds and go crazy!
Here is the entire Chron piece on The Rocket.

Of the 25 players on the All-Time ‘Stros Roster, Alan Ashby, Bill Doran, and Doug Rader of course never made it to the MLB All Star Game as a ‘Stro.

Maybe the team can hire The Rocket and his kids to go dismantle the hideous sign in left field.


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