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It is being reported that Gabby Giffords will make an appearance this evening in Charlotte.   That’ll get the crowd going!

During last night’s roll call for President when states give their chamber of commerce pitch before casting their votes, the Chair of the Lone Star State Dems gave a shout out to the 100,000 DREAMers in the Lone Star State.  Nice job.

SA DREAMer Benita Veliz also did a great job last night saying The President “has fought for my community.” 

President Clinton set a convention record by slugging three grand salamis last night.  GOP consultant Alex Castellanos gave him major props.  Wolf Blitzer said it was the best Clinton speech ever. 

MariGirl was texting me toward the end of President Clinton’s speech and predicted when Clinton would mention The DREAMers and predicted when The President would join him on stage.  Here is what MariGirl said:

“Clinton nailed it and he didn’t even have to pull out a chair!”

Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” was icing on the cake.

I’m putting my money on The President this evening.

Some say that Mario Cuomo (1984), Ann Richards (1988), and Barack Obama (2004) gave better keynotes than Mayor Castro.   Yeah, but we lost all three of those Prez races.

Some GOPers were calling Dems out for bringing back Senator Ted Kennedy from the graveyard to bash Romney Tuesday night. Yeah, but it is our graveyard.

Name the MLB team with the record for most dingers in a game?

The Chron has a piece today on SA Mayor Castro and Ted Cruz.

You can check it here.

Here is what the Chron misses.  Cruz doesn’t address Latino community issues.  He makes his appeal to Tea Baggers.  Mayor Castro addresses Latino concerns.  That’s a big difference.

Lisa Falkenberg has an interesting piece on the new Education Commissioner.

Check it here.

Traci Jensen’s opponent for State Board of Education, District 6, GOPer Donna Bahorich, said the following on her Greater Houston Partnership questionnaire when asked about funding for public education in the Lone Star State:

Unfortunately, (public) education funding (in Texas) will be even more of a challenge with spending increases forecast for Health and Human Services as a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

I forwarded the Bahorich response to a Dem insider up at the State Capitol and got this reply:

“This sounds like typical Teabag/GOP rhetoric about government spending.  In Texas, with a booming population, the state’s budget should reflect that growth, not be shrinking.  As has always been the case in governing, it is not an “either-or” proposition.  Prior to this asinine Tea Party movement, government had always been able to identify its priorities and found ways to fund those.  The suggestion this quote makes that we have to make a choice between funding H&HS or public education is just ridiculous.  We have the means and the resources to appropriately fund both, but the political will of the majority party is more interested in pandering to their vocal minority (Tea Party types) and special interests.  Campaigning is easy, and governing is hard.  These newly elected officials have a gross misunderstanding of what it takes to govern effectively and are willing to put a generation of Texans at risk for their own political livelihoods.”

The Dem nominee for Harris County DA gets to stay on the ballot.  Just leave it alone and move on and keep pushing the straight Dem ticket.  It is not too late to just shut this can of worms.  Don’t give this fella any more publicity.

The Friends of Terence H. Fontaine for Houston City Council District D put out an email early today.  Somebody needs to tell them to put a disclaimer on it.

On September 14, 1987, the Jays smacked 10 dingers against B’More in one game of course to set the MLB record.

I’m not going to say anything about losing our 95th game last night.


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