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SA Mayor Julian Castro gets ready to meet the world this evening and The President’s campaign manager is making a bold prediction.  This is from today’s Texas Tribune:

"You’re in for one of those moments that 10 years from now, you’re going to say, ‘I was there when he gave that speech,’" Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager, who said he’d seen a draft of Castro’s speech, told The Washington Post.

One thing about The President’s campaign – they know what they are doing.  I think for most if not all Latino Democratic leaders across the U.S. of A., there is probably a lot of nervous anticipation.   Latino households throughout the country will be tuned into his speech.  Old, young, professional, hourly wage earners, moms, dads, and students will be rooting and praying for The Mayor and thinking si se puede.

The media has been making it a huge deal that The Mayor is the first Latino to ever give a keynote address at a Democratic Party National Convention.  I really don’t think the media realizes how big of a deal it is within the Latino community.  If The Mayor knocks it out of the park like Jim Messina has predicted Latinos across the country will have an extra bounce in their step tomorrow morning.

Here is more from The Trib:

With Julián Castro just hours away from making his national debut, some Texas Democrats say their comeback begins tonight.

In 1992, the Astrodome hosted the Republican Party National Convention forcing the ‘Stros to go on a very long road trip.  How long was their road trip while the Dome was converted into a convention and while the convention was held?

There are a few other stories today about the future of the Lone Star State Democratic Party.  In today’s Chron, here is one that is telling or interesting:

National Democratic leaders sought an all-out push in the fall for the Hispanic vote, telling delegates from Texas and other red states Monday to campaign in crucial battleground states for President Barack Obama.

The delegates were urged to take a week off and flood minority neighborhoods in swing states such as Colorado, Florida and Nevada and push voters to the polls.

Here is the entire article.

Latino Dems in red states have to do what they have to do with their time but let’s not forget Harris County and Latino turnout here.

In 1992, thanks to the Dome hosting the GOP national convention, the ‘Stros went on a 26 game roadie of course from July 27, 1992 through August 23, 1992.

Brett Wallace had a three-run dinger yesterday in Pittsburgh.  That’s seven dingers this season for Wallace – all on the road.  The ‘Stros won and are now 14-53 on the road.


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