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Scoreboard!   Oops!  Guv Dude and AG Abbott just can’t handle the truth.  They are also very sore losers.  Here is what Dude said yesterday after the Voter I.D. law went down the toilet like all t__ds are supposed to go:

Chalk up another victory for fraud. Today, federal judges subverted the will of the people of Texas and undermined our effort to ensure fair and accurate elections. The Obama Administration’s claim that it’s a burden to present a photo ID to vote simply defies common sense. I will continue to work with Attorney General Abbott to fight for the same right that other states already have to protect their elections.”

Dude, as soon as you get your arse home from Tampa, why don’t you invite Commentary and a few others over and show us the fraud!   Show me the victories that fraud can claim?  Dude won a number of elections and I don’t consider that fraud – just a mistake.  Where is the fraud?  More Latinos being added to the voter rolls doesn’t constitute fraud.  Shifting demographics is not fraud. 

Quit crying!  Oops!  Never mind!  Keep crying so all those folks that you tried to deny the right to vote can be reminded to vote against GOP candidates from September 23 through November 6!

I’m sure Dude, AG Abbott, and others will be huddling soon to figure out another way to keep Latinos and African Americans from voting.   Stay tuned, stay alert, and be on the lookout!

OK, after last night, I have to do the obligatory review of Dirty Harry’s performance.  For a fistful of dollars – heck – for few dollars more he could have hired better writers and had a sudden impact, instead, he looked like the rookie.  Walking on stage a la high plains drifter, wanting to throw down the gauntlet, and stepping into the line of fire, just about every talking head said it was unforgiven that he would attempt to be the enforcer any which way you can.  It was obvious that the Romney folks gave him absolute power to use magnum force to make it look like it is a true crime to vote for The President’s reelection.  The media talking heads kind of suggested that this pale rider might need a little blood work because Romney folks said he would be arriving looking like a million dollar baby in a pink cadillac instead it looked more like a gran torino hauling two mules for Sister Sara on the bridges of Madison County.

Former ‘Stro pitcher Shane Reynolds will throw out the first pitch tonight at The Yard.  Shane played 11 seasons with the ‘Stros – 1992-2002.  What were the most number of wins in a season that Shane had and what numero was on his jersey?

The only thing I’m going to say about Romney’s speech last night is that it was thin on specifics.  He also only devoted a couple of minutes to foreign affairs.  There was no mention of immigration reform or securing the border or DREAMers so I guess he is going to leave chasing after the Latino vote to surrogates like Marco Rubio, New Mexico’s Governor, and P.  I’m thinking that they are just hoping that Latinos won’t show up to vote.

Now it is on to Charlotte where diversity will rule!

Today the Chron E-Board also has a take on AG Abbott and his futile efforts to deny Latinos political participation.  Here is how it ends:

In Texas, of all places, does Abbott really want to defend a redistricting map that dilutes the electoral strength of Hispanics, even as his party scrambles to cultivate them? Or to argue that the few, scattered incidences of voter ID fraud are worth disenfranchising many Hispanics?

It’s time to drop these cases.

Check out the entire E-Board take here.

Shane Reynolds went 19-8 in 1998 of course and wore the numero 38 in 1992 and from 1993-2002 he wore the numero 37.

Only 12,835 showed up last night at The Yard – the lowest turnout at The Yard ever.  We lost again.  Commentary wasn’t there but my tickets were.  Jeff Kent Bobbleheads on Saturday and Milo Bobbleheads on Sunday as the NL Central first place Reds come in for three.

Have a nice Labor Day!


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