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Yesterday afternoon I was watching the GOP roll call vote for president and I noticed that the Convention Secretary wasn’t acknowledging and repeating the votes for Ron Paul – zilch, nada.  At first I thought the podium was experiencing audio problems then CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash called attention to the omission and called it “petty” and a “slap in the face” to Ron Paul delegates by the Mitt Romney campaign.

CNN interviewed a Romney higher-up and he basically admitted it was payback time.  The operative said that the Paul supporters packed conventions this summer after Romney had “won” the nomination and secured more delegates than Romney in some instances. 

If you ask me it was “petty” and kind of bullying by the Romney campaign.  It also looked very silly.

Commentary left The Yard early last night to check out Governor Christie and Ann Romney on the tube.  I wasn’t impressed with Governor Christie.  I was more impressed with Ann Romney. 

In 2004, Roy O. finished the season at 20-10 and that got him a third place finish in the NL Cy Young Award voting.  The Rocket was first.  Name the pitcher that finished second?

Here is from the Chron on Ted Cruz’s speech last night:

Texas state Rep. Aaron Pena Jr., said Cruz embodies “the American dream and the immigrant’s dream.”

“His strength is in the fact that he’s animated the Republican base,”  said Pena, a former Democrat who now chairs the Texas Legislature’s Hispanic Republican Conference. “The fact that he’s Hispanic is a plus.”

We’re going to find out on November 6 how many Latino votes Cruz brings to the GOP. 

I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that SA Mayor Julian Castro’s keynote speech next week will get more and better media run than Christie’s and Cruz’s speeches combined.

The Lite Guv says he is running for reelection which means that he’s running hard and far right during the next legislative session. 

Mail ballots will be delivered to the post office on September 22.  Are you ready?

Here is what SBOE, District 6 candidate Traci Jensen said about the Michael Williams appointment:

Governor Perry’s announcement of Michael Williams as his choice for Commissioner of Education is very telling for the future of public education. Mr. Williams has had a lengthy career in the energy industry serving as the Railroad Commissioner and on many boards ranging from the coal industry to mining. With this resume I initially was not surprised but was a little perplexed.  Would a career energy man with no background in education be an appropriate choice for one of our most powerful appointed positions in public education in a time of considerable turmoil? Then it became clear.  Mr. Williams has been and continues to be a vocal proponent of the voucher system and by coincidence the voucher issue is again the pet project of the Republican controlled legislature. Governor Perry and State Senator Dan Patrick have made no apologies about seeing vouchers as inevitable and the solution to all of our public education problems. What it will really mean is stripping away of funds from already cash strapped schools and a funneling of tax money to religious institutions or deregulated charters.  As an educator in Texas I have always searched for the silver lining so I truly hope that if confirmed, Mr. Williams will protect the Texas constitution and preserve our public education institutions if for no other reason than for business and economic prosperity. With the systemic denigration of public education by the State Board of Education, the deconstruction of classrooms by the legislature and now a political appointee with no education background that wants vouchers, I am afraid this silver lining is beginning to become too tarnished.

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson of course was second in voting for the 2004 NL Cy Young Award.

Last night I tried to snag a foul shot last night and it ripped my lid out of my hand.  I didn’t get it.  Only 13,000 and change made it to The Yard last night and we gave it away in the ninth.


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