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Next Friday, September 7, the folks that run the elections can begin accepting mail ballot applications.  After a certain number of days, the mail ballots will be sent out and some folks will start voting.  Are you ready?

Kuffer today takes a real close look at the METRO election.  This is the best take so far of the METRO vote so pay close attention.

Here is Kuffer.

Houston Tomorrow, the Citizens Transportation Coalition and Better Houston are campaigning for a no vote on the METRO initiative.

Here is a part of Kuffer:

Here, it’s just transit advocates that are unhappy. It’s far from clear to me that they can muster up enough support to defeat this version of the referendum, especially if there’s a concerted effort in favor of it. One could argue that instead of working to defeat the referendum, it would be better to work on Metro to spend the extra money it will get, and the extra money it will have from its unrestricted sources as debt service gets addressed, in a way that transit advocates think is best. I’m sure they’ll be doing that anyway after the referendum, regardless of the outcome, but my way would probably be less awkward.

I don’t know how this vote is going to end up.  Are you ready?

You can check out Hunter Pence at The Yard this evening.  Hunter has now played 25 games with the Giants.  Since joining the Giants, how many dingers does Pence have and what is his batting average as a Giant?

Guv Dude and the Lite Guv are trying hard to remain relevant.  Yesterday Dude appointed Michael Williams to serve as Education Commissioner.  I don’t think the fella knows much about public education or public education policy in the Lone Star State.  Dude will use him to serve as a cheerleader for vouchers during the next legislative session, a gesture aimed directly at placating the Tea Baggers.

The Lite Guv, meanwhile, decided to go to Tampa and will watch and cheer Ted Cruz tonight.  He has also printed 2014 letterhead. 

The Houston Press has a take on The Rocket pitching at The Yard.  Here is a bit:

That said I don’t like what I’m hearing about the Astros and Roger Clemens, namely that the Astros are going to sign Clemens to a contract to pitch this season. Sure the season’s meaningless. And it’s not like the over-the-hill Clemens would be taking starts away from a Cy Young winner. It’s just that the move reeks of desperation. It’s something Drayton McLane would do, and if there’s anything this team should be doing, it’s not doing something that Drayton McLane would do.

This fella doesn’t know what he is talking about.  Drayton never did anything like this.  Drayton did sign Randy Johnson, Andy Pettitte, and The Rockets in their prime.  They also helped get us into the playoffs.  Maybe in the last few seasons we signed some free agents that fell flat like Bill Hall, Mike Hampton, Pedro Feliz, and Pudge, but he didn’t disrespect the game.  The Houston Press fella needs to move on and forget about writing about my old friend Drayton.

Here is the entire Press take here.

Hunter Pence has one dinger and is batting .214 in 25 games as a Giant of course.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to drop by The Yard over the next three nights:  the Giants are in a division race, see how Hunter is doing, Buster Posey is hitting .328, Matt Cain pitches tonight, Altuve is hitting .301, good seats are available, you can probably find good ticket deals on ebay, and St. Arnold can be found throughout The Yard.


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