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Commentary spent a good part of yesterday trying to figure out what to do if The President gets reelected and Dems hold on to the U.S. Senate.  First of all I intend to be on the winning side of the Lubbock-Started-It Civil War.  I’m sorry neighbor, even if the Lone Star State goes red as expected this November I’m going to be on the side of the USA/UN Coalition of the Winners – they got the bomb.   If we do have a civil war, the newly formed Panhandle Plains Al-Qaida is going to have to fire the first shot to get it started.  That’s how wars usually start.

I’m sure they are already scoping out potential targets up there but I don’t think they will launch their attack on November 7 – the day after the election.  Friday night lights, November 9 is reserved for Lubbock High, Coronado, and Monterey football.  On Saturday, November 10th, the Jayhawks visit the Red Raiders at Jones Stadium.  Sunday folks go to church.  On Monday the 12th, six days after the election, I don’t know if they’ll still have the adrenalin rush needed to go pick a fight with the Coalition.  Oops, I forgot, hunting for mule deer opens on November 17th, so if they are going to pick a fight with the Coalition, they better be confident they can wrap it up in a few days because that’s why folks out there are passionate about the Second Amendment – hunting season.

Since Guv Dude, Ted Cruz, Sen. Cornyn, and AG Abbott have been silent on the threat of a civil war, should we expect them to provide support to the Panhandle Plains Al-Qaida, like hand over the Battleship Texas and will that make us citizens of a Lone Star State Sponsor of Terrorism.  Can’t you get sanctioned for sponsoring terrorists?

It is my understanding that contingency plans are being drawn up by CNN, Reuters, NY Times, and AP to redeploy to their war correspondents from Afghanistan to Lubbock.  Fox News is saying that if hostilities do commence, they’ve already been granted permission to embed with the Plains Al-Qaida.  It will be weird to see Joe Holley, Patricia Kilday Hart, Jay Root, Dave McNeely, Burkablog, Wayne Slater, Ross Ramsey, Doug Miller, Miya Shay, Mary Benton, and Peggy Fikac, in helmets and flak jackets as war correspondents.

I’ll say this.  If it does get to a Lubbock-Started-It Civil War and it gets out of hand and spreads to H-Town, I am going to get my Mom, Dad, Dante, MariGirl, and other folks that are close to me and hide out at The Yard.  We’ll be safe there.  Nobody goes there these days anyway. 

From yesterday’s Lubbock AJ:

Precinct 1 Commissioner Bill McCay, a Republican, said he was surprised by (County Judge) Head’s comments but understood they were a reflection of the judge’s role in emergency management.

“I honestly think the worst-case scenario in West Texas is a tornado,” McCay said. “To bring Washington, D.C., into Lubbock is certainly an exaggeration.”

Here is from the AJ E-Board today:

Our position: Part of being a public leader must be an ability to communicate effectively with the public. Lubbock County Judge Tom Head’s comments about his concerns regarding the re-election of Barack Obama went way beyond ineffective communication. It was foolish, insulting and inflammatory. His lack of judgment has damaged public confidence to the point where he should resign.

Why you should care: Head has a right to his private beliefs and opinions, but he represents all the residents of the county and not just himself when he makes public expressions in his role as a county government leader.

Some are speculating that County Judge Head Case was just trying to call attention to Lubbock in hopes of boosting tourism.   Expect a flood of survivalists and militia groups to flock to Lubbock in the coming weeks and months.  Also expect a heavy dose of one-liners from the late night talk shows.

The ‘Stros are in New York to play the Mets.  Of course, most folks know about the 1986 NLCS Game 6 at the Astrodome between the ‘Stros and Mets that went 16 innings that we lost 7-6 and also lost the NLCS 4 games to 2.  Who made the last out for the ‘Stros in the bottom of the 16th inning?

The Harris County AFL-CIO sent this out yesterday:

The Harris County AFL-CIO Council has endorsed the City of Houston and the Houston Community College (HCC) bond measures that will be on the November General Election ballot along with the METRO General Mobility Program, at its August 22, 2012, meeting of its affiliated Unions.

This must be a typo error – where are the HISD bonds?

The Walmart folks announced yesterday that the soon-to-open Walmart down the street would hire 250 folks.    All the building that is going on around the new Walmart on Yale and Heights, the Kroger going up Studemont, the new construction around the Target on Taylor, and the feeder road work along I-10 is certainly having an impact on my ‘hood.   You sit at the I-10 traffic lights for longer periods of time.  The traffic lines are longer.  There is more congestion.  Oh, I forgot – they are closing the Fiesta right behind my place at the end of the year and the word is a home for older folks will take its place.   I guess you can say adios to the good old days!

The GOP National Convention begins next Monday and H-Town CM Helena Brown is an Alternate Delegate. 

On October 15, 1986 in Game 6 of the NLCS at the Astrodome, with the ‘Stros trailing 7-6 in the bottom of the 16th inning and runners on first and second with two outs, Kevin Bass of course went down swinging to end the game.

Tomorrow night a lot of folks will tune in to ESPN Classic to watch The Rocket.  Tomorrow night a lot of folks will tune in to Channel 11 to watch the Texans.

Since the team doesn’t play like they ever want to win a game, I don’t know why they just don’t call it a year and give us a refund for the 19 remaining home games.   The front office has to take the responsibility for fielding this bunch.   Good thing we play tomorrow at noon instead of tomorrow evening because nobody would be tuned to Fox Southwest.  What am I talking about?  Thanks to the front office nobody is going to be watching anyway. It  ain’t right!


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