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Patricia Kilday Hart has a column today on our Dem nominee for Harris County DA, Lloyd Oliver.  Hart dubs him:  the Kinky Friedman of Harris County politics.  I’ll just call him the Kinkhole who is just mooning us, laughing at us, and referring to our local Dem Chair and former Dem Chair as “two goobers.”

At this point I honestly can’t figure out if trying to replace him on the ballot helps or hurts Dems – like who is paying attention?   Do voters care if we ignore the fact that he won fair and square and we replace him?  I mean he is acting like a joker of sorts.   If he wants the press coverage, then kick him off!

Here is how Hart ends her column:

Rich Parsons a spokesman for the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, said election attorneys do not believe that a qualified candidate can be removed from the ballot for violation of party rules.

So (former Dem Chair Gerry) Birnberg’s complaint may not succeed in knocking Oliver off the ballot, but it may ultimately prove valuable to other local Democrats. By putting sunlight between Oliver and the local party, it may inoculate other courthouse candidates.

It also broadcasts a cautionary message to voters: This isn’t a year for straight ticket voting. If you don’t know the qualifications of candidates in a particular race, skip on down.

There are some other "colorful" candidates out there that will be the subject of future columns.

I predict Oliver will remain on the ballot, and like Kinky, liven up the election season. As he proudly asserted: "I have a tendency to say what I mean."

Here is Hart’s column.

I am looking forward to reading about the future “colorful” candidates out there.  I just hope they are not ours.

Everyone knows that The Rocket was the starting pitcher for the AL All Stars in 1986 when the game was played at the Astrodome and the starting pitcher for the NL All Stars in 2004 when the game was played at The Yard.  Name the leadoff batter that he faced in each game?

Check out Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack saying something nice about the H-Town Mayor.

From the Chron:  “I’m praising her,” Radack replied, then smiled. “That’s today.”

I’m thinking the Mayor is going to frame that quote because it is unlikely she will see one like it again.

The Chron E-Board has a take on the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals executive order or The DREAMER Relief.

Check it here.

Nice job E-Board!

It turns out my pal CM Mike Sullivan will be five days short of a pension.

Check out the Chron here.

No problem!  If he doesn’t win in November just ask one of his council buddies to keep him on the payroll for five more days.  Stay tuned!

My take yesterday on The Rocket’s Baseball Hall of Fame strategy got some other folks to mention the possibility.  From Chron.con:

The 2013 ballot will be top-heavy with high-profile players from baseball’s so-called “steroid era,” led by career home run leader Barry Bonds and Clemens and including Sammy Sosa and Mike Piazza, plus holdovers like former Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell.

That has led to speculation that Clemens’ comeback efforts could be a way to delay his eligibility, since Hall candidates must be retired five years before becoming eligible in voting by members of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Clemens, though, said, “I’m not worrying about pushing the clock back. The guys who have a vote this year can vote like they feel.”

Here is the entire Chron take.

The hard copy of today’s Chron Sports Sections devotes over two pages to The Rocket – wow! 

In 1986 at the MLB All Star Game held at the Astrodome, The Rocket faced NL All Star leadoff hitter Tony Gwynn and in 2004 at The Yard he faced AL All Star leadoff hitter Ichiro Suzuki of course.

The Phillies gave away 45,000 Hunter Pence Bobbleheads to their fans last night while Hunter Pence was in LA last night playing for the Giants in a key series with the Dodgers – got it!

We set the precedent three years ago when we handed out 10,000 Pudge Rodriguez Bobbleheads after we had traded him to the Rangers.

We continue to stinks!  The team also is admitting that we stinks because we got informed yesterday that some of the ticket prices for next year will be going down and they are giving away prizes for renewing your tickets early by having a drawing for among other things free teeth whitening, a year’s supply of Chick-fil-Hate, free haircuts for a year, free VIP seating for the new uniform unveiling, and free passes to the H-Town Zoo.  How about just giving us a pennant contender!


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