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Truman, Stevenson (twice), Kennedy, Johnson, Humphrey, McGovern, Carter (twice), Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton (twice), Gore, Kerry, and The President – that’s 16 Democratic nominees for President my Dad’s voted for since he got back from WWII.  That’s a nice haul!  My Dad is celebrating his 89th BD today – triple yikes!  Happy Birthday Tony Campos!

My pal Gary Polland was the first to point out that some Dem leaders were working behind the scenes to remove the Dem nominee for Harris County DA.

Now it looks like the Chron has the story here.

Kuffer also has a different take on the effort to replace the Dem nominee.

Check out Kuffer here.

I wonder if local Dems will take up the issue at the Harris County Democratic Party Convention this Saturday at 9 am at the CWA Hall in Downtown H-Town.  I wonder if the Dem nominee for Harris County DA will ask to address the delegates to the Convention.   I wonder who else will address the delegates.  Commentary has registered and will attend and I’ll wait and see if the event is productive. 

Everybody knows that The Rocket struck out 4,672 hitters in his career.  Did he ever strike out 300 or more hitters in a season?

The H-Town City Council will revamp their Code of Conduct procedures this week on how to go about doling out punishment for bad behavior.  After the stalemate of sorts that they went through a year or so ago, they are attempting to clear things up a bit.

Go check out the Council Agenda Back-Up here for the finer details.

It looks like The Rocket’s got a Baseball Hall of Fame campaign strategy – sorta.  He is going to pitch this weekend at Skeeter Land.  So here’s the deal.  If he does OK in a couple of outings, the ‘Stros will pick him up for three games in September when they can expand the roster.  The ‘Stros will let him start against three non-contending clubs at The Yard – Cubbies, Phillies, and San Luis (soon to be non-contenders)  – and they will let him pitch four or five innings and sell out The Yard.  It is gate money the team wasn’t counting on.  They will pay The Rocket the minimum but since he’ll be an MLBer, he’ll be knocked off the Hall of Fame ballot for the next five years and won’t have to face the humiliation of not getting the votes next January to join the Hall of Fame.   By 2018, some of the old school BBWOA members won’t be around to leave The Rocket off of their ballot and the most recent Rocket memory will be of the 2012 Comeback at The Yard.  That’s not a bad strategy if you ask me.  Plus, at least it would be something to look forward to at The Yard this September.

Next Monday evening I’ll probably get take-out grub and watch the GOPers skewer The President.  Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll have to decide between more skewering or checking out Hunter Pence and the Giants at The Yard.  Thursday, I’ll have to watch Romney accept.  Of course, if Isaac tries to get floor credentials, I’ll stay glued to the tube.

The Rocket never struck out 300 or more hitters in a season of course, but he got close in 1988 (291) with the Red Sox and in 1997 (292) with the Jays.

The team plays in San Luis this evening with the interim Skipper auditioning for the permanent gig.


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