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Commentary will head over to a local eatery after work today to help celebrate Dante’s 13th birthday.   Yep, now I’ll have a teenager to deal with at The Yard on weekends.   Happy Birthday Dante!

The Skipper didn’t deserve the Saturday night pink slip if you ask me.  Let’s see in 2010 he lost Roy O. and the Big Puma.  Last year he lost Michael Bourn and Hunter Pence.  This year he lost Brett Myers, Numero 45, and Wandy.   That’s the way it goes in the MLB.

I will say that the team has a bunch of guys wearing big league uniforms that don’t belong in the big leagues.  They make a lot of mental errors like the other night when the left fielder decided to throw home instead of hitting the cutoff man.  Things unraveled after that and we ended up serving up a nine run fifth inning.  Saturday night’s left fielder also wasn’t hustling best I could tell.

We’re paying big league prices to watch a team that aren’t big leaguers.   Team management is short changing those of us that are still making it out to The Yard – 14,000 plus change yesterday.    Yesterday’s starting lineup included players hitting .246, .135, .238, .213, and .185.  Fans don’t deserve this!   Just because we put nine players on the field doesn’t mean we’re competing.  It just means we’re playing.   We stinks!

Dante shares a BD with this MLBer who ranks 21st all time in doubles (570), has 354 career dingers, 1345 career RBIs, and a .320 career batting average – all with the same team.   Who am I talking about?

Yesterday it was Justice of the Peace Hilary Harmon Green that got the front page Chron story.   It was more bad coverage for the Greens.

Check it out here.

It is definitely not a pretty picture. Late last week Controller Green sent the Chron the following letter:

“I’d like to clarify and amplify upon some statements in the Chronicle article about my association with Dwayne Jordon.

“I employed him as a contractor for my home. Second, I was never truly his attorney; I was asked to look at his case, and in just a few hours I referred Jordon to another attorney. Third, I had no knowledge of Jordon’s land schemes until he sought my legal judgment which, as I said, I deferred to another attorney. Last, I testified in Jordon’s punishment hearing because I was satisfied with the work on my home and I believed if he were on probation, he would be able to begin making restitution to the families involved in these schemes. While the article stated the prosecutor asked for a 25-year sentence, she actually asked for a life sentence, unusual for a financial crime and especially so when there is a probability of restitution. Jordon pleaded guilty and asked for leniency and stated his intention to repay his victims. The judge in this matter has not yet made a decision regarding punishment.

“The loan I received for improvements to my home was readily approved by the bank that held my original loan and with which I have had a 15-year banking relationship. The bank independently vetted and approved Jordon for his contracting work on my home. Regarding my issues with the Internal Revenue Service, we have worked out a solution, and I am making those payments we agreed upon.”

Ted Cruz was on “Meet the Press” yesterday and E.J. Dionne called him “Senator.”

The Working Man Hero took a shot at Commentary last Friday about my comments in Ericka Mellon’s story on HISD and ethics.  Here is what he said:

The Houston Chronicle has called for ethics reform for the Houston ISD as a condition for an endorsement of the Bond Program.  The Houston Community College System Trustees have already passed a strong Ethics policy.  Question:  Can ethics and the Houston ISD Board coexist?  Not mentioned in the story below, but mentioned before, was the $25,000 payment by just one vendor to one HISD Trustee.  Marc Campos, political consultant, introduces the Unions into the ethics reform equation.  "Silly boy"  Unions are not vendors and do not profit from the Houston ISD;  they represent the employees against the likes of some Trustees bent on rewarding vendor friends and directing tax dollars to them.  For the sake of full disclosure, Marc Campos was hired by one Trustee, Anna Eastman, in her campaign with the Unions backing her opponent (I did not pick this fight Marc).  No wonder he suggests that Unions are somehow district vendors making money off of fat district (bond) contracts.   Now its attack the Unions again.  Good try Marc in attempting to divert our eyes from the real prize – limiting vendor influence in Houston ISD Board spending.

I’m not going to get into a back and forth with him because he misses the point completely. 

There are a number of vendors and others that deal with HISD that didn’t do anything wrong but are now going to be affected if this policy is adopted.    That’s the way it goes.

It is not often that you get a governmental body to take up the issue of ethics and campaign contributions.  It is an opportunity for all parties and interest groups to step up and look at this and review and see what makes sense and what passes the public’s smell test rather than make accusations.  Don’t set yourself up to be the next target of Ericka Mellon, the Chron E-Board, and watchdog groups.  That’s not an attack, that’s advice.

The GOP has a legitimate arsehole running for the U.S. Senate in the Show Me State.

Check it out here.

Rockies first baseman Todd Helton of course has been in a Rockies uniform since 1997 and in his career is batting .320 with 354 dingers, 570 doubles, and 1345 RBIs.  He is currently on the DL and is celebrating his 39th BD today.

Commentary got foul ball numero 3 for the season Saturday night.  I wouldn’t dare to say I snagged it.  It kind of dribbled in my direction.  I kept it.

Misery takes a break today before the team heads to San Luis.


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