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The City and the County cut a deal yesterday on the General Mobility Payments (GMPs) and everybody lived happily ever after – sorta.

Check out the Chron story on the deal.

The folks that wanted to do away with the GMPs have not reacted yet.  Does it matter?  Will they come out and oppose the deal in November? 

This past weekend the team wore the Blue and Gold star uniforms.  For how many seasons did the team wear the Blue and Gold star uniforms?

The folks that wanted to do away with the ordinance on how to feed the homeless in parts of H-Town turned in their petitions too late to get on the November ballot, according to the City Attorney.  The petition gathering effort was led and funded by the Kubosh fellas.  Sorry Charlie!

Check out the Chron story here.

Here is what one of the Kuboshers said:

"Are we late? Yes. Does council have the ability to do it if they wanted to? Absolutely,"

Hey, rules are rules.  I’m sure they will be at City Council today chastising City Council and trying to guilt trip them into putting this on the ballot.  Best I can tell, not a whole lot of City Council folks think kindly of the Kubosh fellas so I don’t think they will get much sympathy.  Rules are rules! Stay tuned!

The team wore the Blue and Gold star uniforms for six seasons of course – 1994-1999.

The team’s losing ways continued at Wrigley yesterday.  We’re fielding a team of nobodies.  We’re just running out the clock.  They are trying our patience. 


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