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The Texas Tribune is requesting three years of income tax returns from our State Legislators.  That’s very interesting.

Check the story here.

I can’t tell if this is where things are going in politics these days.  I don’t know how I feel about this.  I know I enjoy the skewering of Mitt Romney on not releasing his returns.  This very well may be where we are heading.  Let’s see how hard the Trib presses our legislators. Stay tuned!

Without peeking, name the only MLB Division with three teams that have 60 or more wins this season?

The Lite Guv and the Lone Star State Dem Party got deservedly kicked around by Burkablog yesterday.  Here is a taste:

On the Lite Guv:

I think he’s done in Texas. His loss to Cruz is magnified by the fact that Dewhurst collapsed in the closing days of both the primary and the runoff. He failed in his effort to win without a runoff and actually went backward in the closing days of the primary. He took a 144,000 vote lead from the primary into the runoff and got blown away.

Here is all of it.

On State Dems:

The Democratic party in this state is on life support. It is not a factor in state politics.


For all practical purposes, there is no Democratic party in the state with the capacity to engage in and win elections.


As far as I can tell, the strategy of the Democratic party is to hope that Republicans continue to move farther and farther to the right until they become so extreme that the independents will take a look at the Democrats. It’s not a bad bet.

For more misery reading go here.

Here is what I want to know.  How come the Dem Party never responds to criticism like this?  Are they oblivious to what folks are saying?  This is very puzzling!

The NL Central has three teams with 60 or more victories:  Reds (66), Pirates (62), and San Luis (60).  The ‘Stros have 36 which explains the 13,000 and change that showed up last night.


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