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Somebody need to ‘splain to me why H-Town has to be like other burgs and have closed sessions of certain City Council meetings.  Yesterday the H-Town City Attorney trotted out a ballot proposal that would let voters decide on closed sessions.  Here is what he said:

"Contrary to what some might say, and that is that this is a move away from transparency, I believe that just the opposite is true.   We are oftentimes – this administration, any administration of this city – accused of bringing matters to council as a fait accompli. The primary reason that that’s the case is that we can’t have an executive session like everybody else in the state of Texas to discuss these things before they’re placed on the agenda for action."

Here is how CM James Rodriguez reacted:

"I think our system works fine, and I’ve seen it work fine. I believe that we’ll lose a lot of good will in the community if we move to try to put this on the ballot.  I believe in transparency. I believe that we need to hash out our issues in the public and work with the public and to have their confidence and trust that we’re going to be open and upfront with issues."

CM Rodriguez doesn’t mince any words as usual.  He makes good points.

My pal CM Stephen Costello supports the idea but doesn’t want it on the ballot now.  Check this:

"You incite an emotion that you really don’t want the voters to have as they walk into the ballot box.  What we want is voters going in and approving our bond issue, and I’d rather just have the bond issue there up for a vote, or, if we’re going to make some charter amendments, make them noncontroversial."

I agree with CM Rodriguez.  Give me some good reasons for closed sessions.  Like could closed sessions have gotten us the 2012 Summer Olympics?  Could we have gotten the Toyota plant or avoided hundreds of layoffs last year?  Could closed sessions have gotten us World Serious rings against the White Sox in 2005? 

More importantly, the public won’t be able to hear CM Helena Brown’s takes during closed sessions.

We’re doing OK without closed sessions and I agree with CM Costello that putting this on the ballot in November might p__s off some folks and cost the City some bonds.

Check out the Chron article here.

It is August 3 and the ‘Stros are 29 ½ games out of first place.  What are most games out of first place we have ever finished a season?

Your guess is as good as mine on what METRO will put on the ballot this November regarding the future of the GMPs. 

Check out today’s Chron on the GMPs.

The Lone Star State Tea Bagger AG is delusional.  He tweeted yesterday something like “if the Latino shift to the Tea Bagger Party continues….blah, blah, blah.”  He hasn’t been reading the polls lately I guess.  The anti-Latino Latino won with Tea Bagger votes not with Latino votes.

Meanwhile, HISD will vote on a bond plan next week. 

Check this from the Chron.

Here is what HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche said about the plan:

"My lifelong dream was to be able to improve my community and bring in funds to help with development, but this is something that’s extraordinarily expensive. It’s going to raise taxes. Right now I’m very fearful that the figures are based on pseudo-science."

The Leader now has a grown up look and they also look at the HISD bonds here with a headline “Bondage”- yikes!

Check it here.

In 1975 the ‘Stros finished 43 ½ out of first place at 64-97 of course as the Big Red Machine finished first in the NL West with a 108-54 record.

The team is in The ATL in case you are wondering or care.


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