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I think it is way past time to get an Election Administrator over at the County and take running the elections out of the hands of the ideologues and partisans.   Hunker Down and the County Commissioners need to do right and hand this function solely over to the professionals.  The delays and the confusions from night before last and the major league screw-ups over the CBOE boundaries warrants a shift in who should be conducting elections in Harris County.  Amateurism and Keystone Cops style handling of our precious votes is unacceptable.

This is what I sent some folks yesterday after a glaring error were pointed out to me:

In the 12:43 am report that Kyle (Johnston) sent us, when you total up Erica (11,671), Jarvis (3,910), over votes (8), and under votes (439), the total is 16,028.

If you look at the center graph you have find precincts counted and ballots – the number of ballots is 11,603.

The number of ballots should match candidate vote, over vote, and under vote totals.  Sloppiness and an oversight to explain this off are not acceptable.

In the Erica/Jarvis race, the first report at 7:01 pm got the ballots and vote totals matched up correctly.  The next report at 9:23 didn’t – ballots 8,984 – totals 13,532.  The 10:12 report got it right but then the 12:43 report didn’t. 

It also takes way too long for the County to report results.  The County Clerk explained to the Chron that Reliant (a County owned facility BTW) had provided them with “garbage” phone lines.  When did they discover this?  It would seem like they would have run checks on the equipment earlier in the day to make sure all systems were working.  They apparently didn’t.

Running the elections, voter registration, and the drawing of precinct lines ought to be the function of one office – period – and this office should be run by a dedicated professional.

Here is what is also bothersome about the other night.

Some folks like the Constable Pct. 1 Zerick Guinn campaign supporters probably went home and to bed thinking that their 787 vote lead would hold up with just 6 precincts out.   Two hours and 31 minutes later the County posted the final and “corrected” cumulative reports.  Why didn’t they bother to send out a press release or notice out at the time to alert folks of the error since an outcome of a race was severely altered?  Commentary isn’t a member of the press but I and others get frequent updates from the elections folks.   Why didn’t they let us know?  Was it cowardice?

It wasn’t until yesterday morning that some of us noticed the error and began to ask questions.  By not immediately putting out a statement explaining the error, the folks running the election were not forthcoming.  That’s the wrong message folks running the elections want to send to the public.

Hunker Down needs to step in and show leadership.  Elections are the way too important for sloppiness, screw-ups, and passing the buck.

Here is more from the Chron.

Let me see if you are paying attention 106 games into the ‘Stros’ season.  Ryan Broid leads the NL with 29 dingers and Adam Dunn leads the AL 31.  Name the ‘Stros hitters that have 10 or more dingers so far this season?

This is what Ted Cruz said yesterday:

“I think the tea party is one of the most incredible movements in politics in modern history.  It is truly an organic movement. It arose as a direct result of Barack Obama and of the radical economic policies President Obama has put in place.”

Commentary is always saying that I’m never too old to learn.  Now I know how you feed and nurture an “organic movement” in the Lone Star State.  All you need is $7.7 million from Club for Growth and other Super PACs.

Go on ahead and make the name change official from Texas Republican Party to Texas Tea Party. Ted Cruz, the new Tea Party leader says so.  Check this out from an AP story:

Newly minted U.S. Senate nominee Ted Cruz said Wednesday that he hopes the tea party and the Texas Republicans are now synonymous, asserting that the grass-roots movement is bringing the "party back to the policies we should have been defending in the first place."


Addressing reporters in hometown of Houston, Cruz was asked if the movement and the mainstream party were now one and the same. He didn’t mince word.

I hope so," Cruz said.

How does Tea Bagger and Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan sound?

How does Tea Bagger Harris County Judge Hunker Down sound?

Only a Latino can call a Latino an anti-Latino Latino, I guess.  Check out what the Lone Star State Dem Party Chair sent out yesterday:

If Republicans think that a Ted Cruz victory will help the Republican Party’s Latino problem, they haven’t done their homework. Ted Cruz is the anti-Latino Latino. In his bid for the Senate, Cruz launched constant unrelenting attacks on the Hispanic community. Ted Cruz said that bilingual education creates a language ghetto. Cruz supports Arizona’s discriminatory “show me your papers” law. Cruz opposes the DREAM Act. Cruz is against President Obama’s deferred action policy that protects DREAM Act students from deportation. And he’s still running behind a party platform that wants to take away our constitutionally protected birth-right citizenship. The only people Cruz is going to attract are voters more extreme than he is.

I wasn’t there but from what I saw on TV the other night at the Cruz Victory Party I didn’t see a Mariachi Band playing in the background.

The Chron E-Board kind of weighed in on the Chick-fil-A issue.  Here is a taste:

Mayor Annise Parker has been a proud pioneer for gay rights, embodying the progress that the gay community has made and also joining more than 250 mayors in the Freedom to Marry campaign. While demographics make success for gay rights seem almost inevitable, with opposition concentrated among older folks, this progress would not have been possible but for the legal battles and tenacious leaders who have earned their place in civil rights history. And there is still further to go.

But the line between personal advocacy and political leadership can sometimes be difficult to maintain. So in this context, Mayor Parker deserves commendation for not following Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino in using political power to protest Chick-fil-A because of company president Dan Cathy‘s vocal opposition to gay rights ("Chick-fil-A sandwiches become a political symbol," Page A9, Friday).

Here is the entire E-Board take.

I don’t have a problem with whatever The Mayor does on this like I also don’t have a problem with the Chicago Mayor or Boston Mayor.  I also don’t have a problem with finding someplace else to eat a chicken sandwich.

Jed Lowrie (14), J.D. Martinez (11), and Justin Maxwell (10) of course are the ‘Stros with dingers in double digits.  We’re 0-1 in August.


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