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Talk about a f__k-up!  At 10:12 pm last night, Constable Precinct 2 Dem candidate Zerick Guinn led Chris Diaz 2,695 t0 1,908 with 83 of 89 precincts reporting.  This morning at 12:43 am, votes were taken off of the table and Diaz led 2,064 to 2,061 with all the precincts in.  They took close to 500 votes away.  What happened?  In other Dem races in Harris County votes were also deducted.   Commentary is anxious to hear the County Clerk’s explanation but this is definitely disconcerting.   I’ve never seen this happen before.

This comes on the heels of late reporting of results by the Clerk last night and here is what the Chron said:

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart said the delay appears to be due to technical problems in relaying the data via phone lines from Reliant Park, the drop-off location for all Election Day data, and the clerk’s election hub in downtown Houston.

“It’s a connectivity issue between here and Reliant,” Stanart said. “We’re trying different phone lines. Apparently Reliant gave us some garbage phone lines out there. That’s what it looks like right now.”

Stanart said, at this point, he’s not sure of the specific problem or who in particular is to blame. If trying additional phone lines doesn’t yield a solution soon, Stanart said at about 9:10 p.m., he’ll ask the poll workers to drive from Reliant to the downtown offices and manually deliver the memory cards with the voting data on them.

This is very troubling when the fella that is in charge of counting our votes doesn’t have his s__t together.   If he can’t handle this, maybe he ought to step aside.

Hunter Pence is now a Giant so you can check him out when the Giants visit The Yard for three at the end of this month.  How many times have the Giants and Yankees squared off in a World Serious?

CRUSHING is the only way to describe what happened to the Lite Guv last night – to put it mildly.

I’m waiting to hear what the folks running the Lone Star State Dem Party have to say – if anything.

This is from the Statesman’s Ken Herman today:

Time will tell if the (Ted) Cruz win is a major moment in a major movement in Texas GOP politics or an anomaly. Former state Sen. Mike Richards told the Dewhurst crowd its man fell victim to a political "tsunami. … I just think we have a lot of anti-Washington (sentiment), and David got caught up in it."

This Richards fella is talking out if his arse for sure.  He must have nodded off during the Lite Guv’s inaugural address last year when the Lite Guv did a lot of Washington bashing.  The fact is the Tea Baggers just don’t trust the Lite Guv and Guv Dude.

It is going to be interesting to see Dude trying to lead a Party that has rejected him.

The Giants and the Yankees have met in seven World Seriouses of course:  1921, 1922, 1923, 1936, 1937, 1951, and 1962.

The Chron said we would go 10-17 in July and we went 3-24.  The said we would be 43-62 today but we’re 35-70.  Is it too early to say “wait until next year?”


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