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Wow, Wow, Wow!

Congrats to the SA Mayor and brilliant move by The President’s Campaign team!  This will send a very powerful message to Latino voters as we head into the final 60 days of the election.  Self-deport my arse!   Check out from today’s SA Express News:

Mayor Julián Castro will make history in September when he presents the keynote address on the opening night of 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Castro will become the first Latino to be a keynote speaker at a Democratic national convention, according to the Obama for America campaign and the Democratic National Convention Committee. The groups announced early Tuesday that Castro would speak on Sept. 4, following first lady Michelle Obama.

Ted Cruz reads Commentary.  Well at least he read yesterday’s Commentary because he is feeling pretty confident about today so now he’s moving a little away from extremism and says he would work with Dems.

Check out the Chron here.

Check out a bit here:

“I look forward to working very, very closely with him (Sen. John Cornyn) and working closely with both Democrats and Republicans in Washington.”


This comes from a candidate who has slammed Dewhurst for his work with Democrats as Senate leader, and one who likes to say he wouldn’t consider himself to be doing the job in Washington unless he has arrows up and down his torso as he fights in Washington.

Now Cruz sounds like a slimy rascal.  If he would have said this right after May 29 he might have been toast by now. 

The only folks I’ve heard in the last 48 hours that say the Lite Guv is still going to pull off a win tonight are folks that are being paid by the Lite Guv.  Now let’s see.  Everyone was predicting a Lite Guv win back in December.   The last week or so folks started saying that Cruz was poised for an upset victory. The last couple of days, most folks have been predicting it will be a slam dunk Cruz victory.  If the Lite Guv does pull it off and gets 50% plus tonight, will it be considered an “upset?”   I’m confused!

Lone Star State political observers are saying that the Lite Guv’s campaign has been one of the worst run in recent memory, right up there with Guv Dude’s race for Prez effort.  Aren’t they the same folks that ran both campaigns?  Commentary is not going to get too down on the Lite Guv’s and Dude’s consultants/staff.    In the case of the Lite Guv and his consultants/staff, I don’t think they really understood the Tea Bagger factor.  The Lite Guv has never been comfortable around Tea Baggers.   I kind of would like to hear an unvarnished take on why they decided to go negative against Cruz so early in the campaign.

In the case of Dude’s campaign, I don’t think they knew what they were getting into and it showed.  Now I don’t think they understand how the Tea Baggers feel about Dude and his dismal performance on the national stage.

If Ted Cruz wins today, tomorrow he will be the leader of the Texas Republican Party, err Texas Tea Party.  Stand aside Sen. Cornyn, Dude, the Lite Guv, AG Abbott, and all the rest that are trying to figure out how to wear a Tea Bagger snuggie.

The new Chron Sports Columnist has a piece on the ‘Stros today and mentions that only three ‘Stros make more than a million bucks.   Name them?

Yesterday I received a GLBT post card with their endorsed candidates:  Jamaal Smith for State Rep. Dist 137, Alan Rosen for Constable Pct. 1, Zerick Guinn for Constable Pct. 2, and Erica Lee for CBOE, Pct.2, Pos. 6.  I also got a Paul Sadler robo call.

My pal Rosi Hernandez is no longer ‘Stros Vice President for Corporate Partnerships.  Rosi first became a VP back in the 20th century – 1999. Of the ten current Executive Office VPs, none – nada – zilch – are Latino or Latina.  Root, root, root!

Last night from Arlington:

(Angels DH Kendrys) Morales became the third switch-hitter in major league history to homer as a lefty and righty in the same inning. Carlos Baerga did it for Cleveland in 1993 and Mark Bellhorn of the Chicago Cubs duplicated the feat in 2002.


Nice job, Kendrys!

New ‘Stros Francisco Cordero (reliever) and Ben Francisco (outfielder), and Jed Lowrie (shortstop on the DL) of course are the only roster players that make over a million dollars a year. 

We got back to our losing ways last night. 


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