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Forbes says H-Town is the “coolest” city in the U.S. of A.  Huh!

Check it out here.

Whatever!  The Mayor being on Colbert and the signing of Jeremy Lin put us over the top I guess.

H-Town CM Helena Brown continues to get pub in the Chron. 

Check it out here.

Now that’s probably not cool.

The Pirates are in town for a four game series.  They are in second place in the NL Central with a 56-42 record.  The last time they had a winning season was in 1992 when they finished atop the NL East a few years before we had the Wild Card.  How did the Pirates fare in the 1992 NLCS and name the team they faced?

Here is from a story about last night’s Tea Bagger rally for Ted Cruz up in Dallas:

Burleson activist Maggie Wright was among the speakers who encouraged Texas voters to go to the polls and show their support for Cruz.

"I believe God had a hand in this election," she said. "If we had the election in March, David Dewhurst would be our senator."


Yesterday I received mailers from Precinct 1 Constable candidates Cindy Vara-Leija and Alan Rosen.

I bet Forbes didn’t factor in the local janitorial strike when they said we were cool.

The Muppets pulled out of their business arrangement with Chick-fil-A. 

The Chron Sports Section joined the list of those that read Commentary because they put Jerome Solomon on the first flight out to London yesterday.

Meanwhile, Dominique Sachse’s postcard’s in the Chron is all about name dropping. What else is new!

From the “Yankee Doodle came to London just to ride the ponies” Department:  Mitt Romney’s piehole got him trouble with the Brits yesterday.  Meanwhile, The First Lady is in London and she said today that she was going to check out some basketball and Ann Romney came to London just to watch her pony.

The 1992 Pirates lost in seven to The ATL of course in the NLCS.

I honestly can’t say if the team will win another game this season.  Heck, we’re on course to even defy the law of averages!  Tomorrow night Dante and I will be on the third row in Diamond Level.  Too bad nobody will be watching.  Now that’s not cool!


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