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Quien es mas macho?  Nolan Ryan o Sarah Palin?  If you listen to Sports Talk like Commentary then you have probably heard the drawl of Nolan Ryan endorsing the Lite Guv for U.S. Senate.  Sarah Palin comes to The Woodlands tomorrow to give her stamp of approval to Ted Cruz.

We will find out Tuesday night if we have a Republican Party of Texas or a Tea Party of Texas. 

Here is from a Star Telegram story today on the Tea Party taking over:

"I’m not at all surprised that Mr. Cruz has support from different people around the country. I’ve never gone to any of these people and asked them for their support," Dewhurst told The Associated Press. "I’ve been focused on Texans. My focus is Texas, not Washington and all of these people from other states that Mr. Cruz seems to want or need to come in and embrace him."

Here it the rest of the story.

Here is from an AP update last night:

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst says he never felt the need to woo key tea party leaders nationwide. In his words, "I’ve been focused on Texans."

What a bushel of BS!  The Lite Guv has been courting the Tea Party for the last couple of years or so and even trying to advance the Tea Party agenda this past legislative session.  He just wasn’t as frothy at the mouth like Cruz.  Now the Tea Baggers could take a chunk out of his arse this coming Tuesday. 

It doesn’t surprise Commentary that the Lite Guv is running negative and nasty ads on Cruz.  The Lite Guv is hurting.

Guv Dude, the Lite Guv, and others have been feeding Tea Baggers piles of red meat and now it looks like they could be taken hostage by the Tea Party of Texas.   I wonder how Hunker Down and Nolan Ryan feel about being a member of the Tea Party?

Courtesy of Dougie:  Who is now the longest tenured ‘Stro?

Speaking of, my pal Nick Anderson has a killer cartoon on CM Helena Brown in today’s Chron that you can only see in the hard copy – ouch!

Here is an interesting stat from the 2008 general election in Harris County.  Among straight party Early Voters in Person, Dems received 56.94% and the GOP received 42.7%.  Among mail ballot straight party voters, the GOP received 65.81% to the Dems 33.8%. 

I got an Erica Lee mailer yesterday.

I got a Paul Sadler bilingual robo call yesterday.

The Chron Sports Section did a bunch of pre-Olympics coverage but the only reporter sending post cards from London in the Chron is Channel 2’s Dominique Sachse.  What’s up with that?

Reliever Wesley Wright of course is the longest tenured ‘Stro these days when he made his debut in March of 2008 – of course he has also been sent down a time or two since then.

Here is what I said yesterday about Tuesday’s game:

Our new closer came in to close out the game with a one run lead and he didn’t close.  What else is news? 

Here is what I’m saying about last night’s game:

Our new closer came in to close out the game with a one run lead and he didn’t close.  What else is news? 

I don’t know what to say.


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