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If you are on your way to London this morning, there is plenty of reading material for your flight.  Patricia Kilday Hart has an unflattering piece on the Lite Guv and his race against Ted Cruz.

Check it out here.

Also from the Chron is the latest on CM Helena Brown.  Here is how it starts:

City Councilwoman Helena Brown on Tuesday accused Mayor Annise Parker of sabotaging her recent taxpayer-funded trip to Asia to promote direct air service between Seoul and Houston.

Check out the entire piece here.

As I was sitting at The Yard last night while we still had a lead, I got to thinking about arguably the best team we ever had and it had to be the 1998 team when we won 102 games but flamed out in the NLDS against the Padres.  Name the 1998 Opening Day lineup for the ‘Stros?

If you want more reading material for your trip to London, check out today’s Chron article on the GMPs here.

Here is from the piece:

County Commissioners Steve Radack and Jack Cagle and County Judge Ed Emmett said the status quo is unfair to residents in some unincorporated areas of the county who pay taxes to Metro but get few services.

"It’s long overdue for the citizens of the unincorporated area of Harris County to stand together and fight against the unfair Metro sales tax imposed upon them," Radack said, deriding Metro’s light rail as "a choo-choo train."

As I recall, voters voted a few decades ago to impose the METRO sales tax upon ourselves fair and square and it looks like we will also get the opportunity to vote on something this November.

Commentary received the Kubosh petition yesterday in the mail to do away with the ordinance on feeding the homeless.  All I have to do is sign it and stick it in the postage paid envelope.  I won’t.

I was at The Yard and noticed that the street parking meter rate went up by 25%.  They didn’t ask Commentary.

Speaking of, a parking issue is forcing The Roundtable to set up shop at the Black Labrador tonight.

During the game yesterday the buzz started about Wandy getting traded to the Pirates and then we checked the schedule and realized that Wandy could be pitching against us this Saturday.  We also realized that the roster had been officially blown up and as we celebrate 50 years of MLB in H-Town we have the look of an expansion team.

Leading off at second base, B-G-O, followed by Derrick Bell (RF), Baggy (1B), Sean Berry (3B), Moises Alou (LF), Richard Hidalgo (CF), Ricky Gutierrez (SS), Brad Ausmus catching, and Shane Reynolds on the mound of course was our 1998 Opening Day starting lineup against the Giants.

Hunter Pence got a bobblehead and so did Michel Bourn and so did Jose Valverde and so did Brett Myers and so did Pudge and heck even Chris Johnson got a bobblehead.  Even Milo, J.D. and Brownie have bobbleheads.  Wandy never got a bobblehead. 

Our new closer came in to close out the game with a one run lead and he didn’t close.  What else is news? 


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