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Early Voting in Person begins today and the Lone Star State Dem Party has endorsed former State Rep. Paul Sadler for U.S. Senate.  I’m Ok with that as long as Sadler wins or else egg on our faces is going to be the least of our problems.

The Chron has a story today on the Constable Precinct 2 Dem runoff.

Check it out here.

Of course, the Chron didn’t endorse in this race.  What’s up with that?

If opposition to the proposed HISD bonds ever emerges, they will probably use what was in Saturday’s Chron.  Check out how the article starts:

Numerous HISD schools that underwent tens of millions of dollars in repairs and renovations in recent years would be rebuilt or remodeled under a proposed bond issue this November, raising questions about wasted spending.

Here is the entire article.

Name the ‘Stros players that were yesterday’s starting lineup in Arizona that were also in the Opening Day starting lineup back on April 6 against the Rockies?

It is official.  The NCAA will never ever impose a death penalty on a member school.   I was watching the NCAA announce their penalties on Penn State this morning and when asked about the death penalty they said that they took into account “collateral damage” to the band, the athletic department, and the folks that made a living off of games.  Well, that’s the whole point!

Here is what the ‘Stros GM said before the season started:

"We’re going to work hard, work smart and make a return to competitiveness in as short a time frame as possible."

And this is what he also said:

“There is a plan in place.  We want to get to a point where we can compete year in and year out.” 

Who are these guys?   The latest ‘Stros to get traded included Brett Myers, J.A. Happ, and Brandon Lyon is a sure sign that new management is saying get ready for another 100 plus loss season this year and possibly another 100 plus loss season next year.  That’s certainly not going to get folks to visit The Yard anytime soon.   It could also possibly put a dent in season ticket sales.

Oh, well!  At least the bathroom lines won’t be long.

Jose Altuve (2B), Chris Johnson (3B), and J.D. Martinez (LF) of course were in yesterday’s starting lineup and in the Opening Day starting lineup.

Let’s get back to the plan.  The team has decided that by stockpiling prospects, maybe a few will turn into bona fide major leaguers.  Right now of the position players, Altuve and Jed Lowrie (currently on the DL) are the only ones that could play on a contending team.   The team has decided that for now, going the free agent route is not part of the plan.  So we are just going to have to wait, wait, wait, and root, root, root, and be patient, patient, patient!  It is going to be a while before we can compete, compete, compete, much less contend, contend, contend!

The problem with this plan is the prospects will get so used to losing that they will never learn how to win.


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