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We have to be proud of the fact that the U.S. of A.  probably leads the universe in random mass shootings of innocent victims.  Post offices, cafeterias, college campuses, high schools, shopping malls, grocery store parking lots, and now movie theaters make the list of mass shooting venues.  It wouldn’t surprise Commentary if the NRA shills came out today with proposed legislation to allow theater ushers to pack.

We are all too familiar with the drill.  We will find out later today that the shooter is some sort of troubled fella and loner. In a day or two we will know how and where he got his guns.  The President and The First Lady will head out to Colorado next week and speak at a memorial service and console the families.   The guns shop clerk and supervisor who sold the shooter the guns will probably get their arses indicted for some gun sale violation.   Some will blame violence in movies.  The talking heads will once again debate tighter gun laws but nothing will happen and then we will move on to other things.  It will then happen again and as they say, coming to a theater near you.

I got a mailer from Precinct 1 Constable candidate Cindy Vara-Leija and she is definitely going negative on Alan Rosen.

CD 7 Dem candidate James Cargas was endorsed by the Chron E-Board today.

Check it out here.

Congrats to James!

In baseball, hitting for the cycle means in a game a batter hits at least a single, a double, a triple, and a dinger.  In MLB history, only two teams have never had a player hit for the cycle.  Name the two teams?

The Chick-fil-A CEO has come out in opposition to marriage equality.  What for?  Why don’t you just stay closed on Sundays and keep your piehole shut.

Check out the story here.

That’s where I grub out after a ‘Stro hits the Chick-fil-A fair pole at The Yard but I also get me some fries and a soft drink. They just opened an eatery a couple of months ago down the street.   I just had me some grub there a couple of days ago.   Now those stinking cows that hang on to the fair poles at The Yard are going to give me negative vibes – something I don’t go to The Yard to get.  The same goes for those stinking cows that walk around the concourse handing out those stinking little stuffed cows to the children.   Now I have to rethink my choices.

The Padres and the Fish of course are the only teams that have never had a player hit for the cycle.

I have absolutely nothing to say about the ‘Stros only getting one hit last night – a check swing single at that.  Meanwhile Michael Bourn is hitting .305 and Hunter Pence has 57 RBIs.  That’s all I have to say.


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