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More on that 48 point lead (70-22) The President has over Romney among Latino voters.

Foreign-born Latinos favor Obama by 72 percent to 19 percent.

The margin is tighter among native-born Latinos: 69 percent to 25 percent.

Among families who primarily speak Spanish, Obama has his largest lead, 76 percent to 15 percent.  (Commentary has said before that there is a reason that the local Univision newscast usually leads all others during the 10 pm time slot.  Do you believe me now?)

Latinos who voted in the 2008 presidential election give Obama a 52 point lead, 72 percent to 20 percent.

Sixty percent of Hispanic independents say they will vote for Obama and 13 percent of Republican Latinos say they will vote Democratic in 2012.

On a related note, the GOP continues to try to figure out how to keep Latinos from voting in the Lone Star State.  Check this from the Chron yesterday:

Texas officials plan to join a growing number of states across the country seeking access to a massive immigration database to check voter rolls for possible non-citizens, officials confirmed Wednesday.

Here is the entire piece.

Do they not understand that all this does is p_ss off Latino voters?  This is our state too!  Heck, why stop at 70%!

Name the MLB Hall of Fame great that holds the record for most career runs scored?  Hint:  He’s still with us.

I’m guessing Chron columnist Lisa Falkenberg won’t ever get invited by Guv Dude for lunch over at the refurbished Mansion.  Falkenberg has a column today talking about how the Lone Star State is tanking and is at the bottom of the heap in a bunch of key categories.  Of course, you can only check out the piece in the hard copy right now but here is a bit:

“I love Texas.  But I’m not proud of where it’s going.  Or more accurately, where we’ve let it go.”

And here is how it ends:

“We can change course.  But first we have to swallow our pride and admit we’re on the wrong one.”

Nice job Lisa!

My pal Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman is running campaign ads for the GOP runoff and he’s not bashing The President.  What’s up with that?

It looks like Dante knows a whole lot more about that Bane fella from “The Dark Knight Rises” than that Rush chump.  Dante is my go to guy when it comes to action flicks these days.

I stand corrected!  Hector still reads Commentary and sent me this:

Of the 1,893,937 registered voters in Harris County, there are 303,422 (as of Feb., 2012) Spanish Surnamed Registered Voters (SSRV) based on a 1996 Census study which identified the 639 most common Spanish Surnames.  There are 358,410 (as of Feb., 2012) Spanish Surnamed Registered Voters based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s Spanish Surnames List which includes over 12,000 names.

It is probably in between.  It is still around 300,000 Spanish Surnamed Registered Voters that Guv Dude and the GOP wish didn’t exist.

The Emmys were announced this morning and I’m kind of behind the times in the major categories.  “Smash” barely got a mention.  “The Big Bang Theory” got some run and so did “The Good Wife.”  “Game Change” about Sarah Palin got some run.  I’m really not into the Downton, Boardwalk, Horror, Girls, Bad, Mad, Rock, Family, and Enthusiasm.

I wonder what kind of ratings Colbert got in H-Town last night.  Maybe we ought to start a campaign to get The Mayor an “Outstanding Guest Performance in a Variety Series” Emmy nomination next year!

Hall of Fame great Rickey Henderson of course holds the record with 2,295 career runs scored.

Tiger had a nice first round today across the pond.

Do you really want to hear my ‘Stros take today?  Do you want to hear that Altuve’s batting average has dropped to .290?  Do you want to hear that Wandy only lasted 4 innings yesterday?  I wonder if Jeremy Lin can catch.


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