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Early Voting starts next Monday (July 23) and according to HarrisVotes.org, runs through Friday (July 27) from 7 am to 7 pm.  The Early Voting locations are pretty much the same as usual.  The Tuesday, July 31 Election Day is another matter and so you had better check it out.

 A whole lot of precinctS will be voting at the Early Voting locations.  On July 31 for instance, a lot of the Heights precincts will be voting at Moody Park.  A lot of the East End precincts will be voting at either Ripley or HCC.  A lot of Montrose precincts will be voting at West Gray.  You get the picture?

 Well not really.  A few precincts will continue to vote at their usual location.  There are a few oddities.  Precinct 218 Dems will vote at HCC but Precinct 218 GOPers will vote at Ripley.  Precinct 4 Dems will vote at Moody but Precinct 4 GOPers will vote at Crockett Elementary.   Precinct 60 Dems will vote at Lanier but Precinct 60 GOPers will vote at West Gray.  Like I said, check out the list at HarrisVotes.org. 

 Will this confuse July 31 voters?  Yep!  Will this hurt turnout.  You betcha!

 Name the MLB team that has the record for most consecutive losses to start a season?

 This is from that Channel 13 story that ran yesterday on the major league snafu on getting the Harris County voting lists right:

According to a letter by outgoing Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners, the Harris County Department of Education trustee district lines were not updated for the May primary. In fact, each precinct was about 100,000 people off. An analysis of the Lee-Johnson race, Sumners writes, shows almost 1,400 people did not vote who should have and 872 people did who should not have.

That’s what happens when you spend your time over at H-Town City Council meetings messing in the business of other folks and not taking care of your own business!

Commentary was at the Meyerland Area Democrats meeting last night and heard the presentation from the Texas Freedom Network on the State Board of Education (SBOE).  SBOE Dist. 6 candidate Traci Jensen also spoke to the Meyerland Area Democrats and afterwards a number of the attendees took home some Traci Jensen yard signs.  FYI:  Let us know if you need a Traci Jensen yard sign.  You can go to www.jensen4stateboard.com or contact us at this office.

I also heard State Rep. Dist. 134 candidate Ann Johnson for the first time.  She’s an All Star for sure.

The Cindy Vara-Leija for Precinct 1 Constable Campaign was in my ‘hood yesterday.

B’More holds the smelly distinction of course of starting the 1988 season with 21 consecutive losses.

The ‘Stros finally hit the double digit mark for road wins last night with a 2 zip win over the Padres at Petco.  Unless we start playing a whole lot better baseball, we will certainly be the first to lose 40 road games as we sit on 35 losses today with the Cubbies being the only other MLB team with losses in the 30s – they have 32 Ls.  M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E

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