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Commentary has said before that the Chron E-Board is a player.  They screen candidates, they endorse, and they put out daily takes on the issues of the day. 

Here is how they start out their take on Ted Cruz today:

Talk radio host and Texas state Sen. Dan Patrick is many things, but subtle is not one of them. So when he says that a fellow Republican is too confrontational, we’ll take him at his word. (Imagine Gov. Rick Perry chastising someone for acting too Texan.) Last Thursday on Patrick’s radio show, what was supposed to be a friendly interview with U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz descended into the sort of tussle expected between political opposites, not allies.

Did I just read that the Chron E-Board will take Sen. Patrick “at his word”?  Why?  Now that’s a head scratcher for sure!

Here is how today’s E-Board take ends:

As Patrick told Cruz, "You’re always in attack mode."

Cruz boasts an impressive educational background and legal resume, but his political judgment seems questionable when he so readily blisters Texas’ de facto tea party head honcho. It is an attitude that’s politically penny-wise but pound-foolish.

Texas is a big state, and our next senator has to represent all of it.

Here is the entire take.

In today’s hard copy the headline reads “Cruz uncontrolled.”

It looks like maybe the Chron E-Board read Commentary’s “What If” take yesterday and might be worried about Ted Cruz pulling off a stunner so they are using a Tea Bagger to knock off another Tea Bagger.  Today’s take is aimed at the so called “establishment conservatives” to get off of their arses and support the Lite Guv in the runoff.  Of course, the Tea Baggers can’t stand and don’t trust the Chron and the Chron E-Board so this will just motivate them to get out and support Cruz.  So today’s E-Board take is just a wash if you ask me.  Nice try E-Board!

KPRC-TV is running a piece on the 10 pm news tonight on The Rocket now playing slow pitch softball.  During his MLB career The Rocket wasn’t known for his bat.  He only had 179 at-bats with 31 base hits and a .173 career batting average.  How many of those 31 base hits were extra base hits? 

One of the media links Lone Star Project sent out yesterday was from the National Review and a story about the Lite Guv – Ted Cruz race.

Here is the article.

Here is from the piece:

Among Lone Star politicos, the consensus is that it will be hard for Cruz, the underdog in popular support and funds, to beat Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst. In the primary election, Cruz succeeded in forcing Dewhurst into a runoff — but he also trailed Dewhurst by eleven points.

Remember, most of these same Lone Star politicos said that the Lite Guv would win without a runoff and look what happened.

Of The Rocket’s 31 career base hits, only six were extra base hits of course – all doubles – no triples or dinger in the bunch.

Futility is at The Yard this weekend as the ‘Stros come home riding an eight game losing streak.  They’ll be handing out 10,000 Mike Scott bobbleheads tomorrow afternoon.  BTW:  Numero 45 went 2 for 4 yesterday as his Fish beat the Brewers.  We’re 14 ½ games out and a very miserable 9-32 on the road.  That’s totally unacceptable!  What the heck, I’ll be there this weekend? 

I wonder if the surviving Caballito will show up.


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