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I guess on the Fifth of July Commentary doesn’t have much to say other than does the Lone Star State Dem Party have a contingency plan if Ted Cruz slips by the Lite Guv and becomes the GOP nominee for U.S. Senator? Are Dems just going to roll over and watch us go from a red state to a Tea Bagger state?

Yeah I know, at least in these parts, the Lite Guv is the only candidate that has been running TV ads for the last couple of weeks so the conventional thinking is that the Lite Guv should be able to snag the GOP nomination.  What happens if Cruz pulls an upset?  Doesn’t that change the dynamics in the general election?  I think it does.

Of course, they’re not going to ask Commentary for my opinion so I guess the only thing I can do is to make sure all my friends and family votes for former State Rep. Paul Sadler and play it safe in the event of a Cruz upset.  

Numero 45’s offensive production is down this season with only five dingers to show.  How many those dingers have been smacked at The Yard?

Well I guess the front office got its wish and shipped off Numero 45 to the Fish for a couple of minnows, err prospects.  They also sent over a trunk full of cash to cover his salary for the rest of the season.  I’m surprised the front office didn’t throw in the choo choo train and Tal’s Hill as sweeteners to the deal.  What about the lone surviving Caballito, you know, the fella with the foot long ‘stache, did they ship him off to the Fish because he is of no use at The Yard this weekend?  Of course, I haven’t taken Senor Ed to a game in quite a while so he will be content to sit in the corner until I figure out what to do with him – maybe a trade to The Fish?

Commentary has forever been trying to figure out baseball economics but the only thing I can ever figure is the change I’ll get for a St. Arnold when I fork over a ten.  Here is from the Chron piece on the Numero 45 trade:

“Carlos (Lee) has more value to a team like the Marlins than he does to us right now, which gives us an opportunity to collect some players for the future,” general manager Jeff Luhnow said. “I had been talking to the Marlins for a little while because I knew they had some interest in getting a player like Carlos.”

Duh!  Of course he has more value to the Fish when they have our dough to cover his salary for the rest of the season!  Oh, well! 

Numero 45 handled the departure with class.  Here is from a MLB piece:

"I’m OK with everything. I have no regrets," (Carlos) Lee said. "Houston is a great city and there’s a lot of good people there. I had a great time there, and from now on I wish them the best. Hopefully they get started again and rebuild for the future and have an opportunity to win again."


"I always did my best and have a lot of respect for the game," Lee said. "I respect the game. This game has been very good to me and when you respect the game you have to do it right. I did nothing but my best there. I had great years there and since the first day I got there I went down a little bit, but one of my worst years was last year and I still drove in 94 runs. I have no complaints."

Here is the entire piece.

Here is from Tag’s Line:

(Carlos) Lee, who played in 815 games with the Astros and hit .286 with 133 home runs and 533 RBIs in 5 1/2 seasons, said he wasn’t surprised he was traded.

Good luck Numero 45.  I enjoyed having you around even though I am in the minority. 

Here is the lead paragraph from the Chron E-Board today:

Clearly, it’s time to send out a "Mayday" distress call for the Battleship USS Texas. Time and the elements are threatening to do what no foreign enemy in two world wars could ever do: sink the venerable 29,500-ton dreadnought.

Here is the entire editorial.

Why don’t we just chop it up into movable pieces and haul it off and stick it under the Astrodome in dry dock?  You have a better idea?

All of Numero 45’s five dingers this season have been smacked at The Yard of course.

Numero 45 will be playing in Milwaukee this afternoon and his new skipper is Ozzie Guillen – yikes!

I’m going to try to look at the bright side and say that if we pull off a win this evening in Pittsburgh we will at least have beaten a first place team.


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