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It is just another hot and muggy Fourth.

Chron.com has a piece about a GOP Latino group called the Hispanic Leadership Network that is reaching out to Latino voters.  Good luck muchachos y muchachas o damas y caballeros.  Here is a part of the piece:

But the group is not shying away from areas where its position differs from GOP orthodoxy, such as immigration, where Republican presidential nominee-presumptive Mitt Romney called the tough Arizona immigration law “a model” for the nation.

“We think the immigration system is broken and we have to fix it,” Korn said. “Democrats and Republicans have to work together.”

Korn said immigration should not be “a political issue” but a policy imperative.

Sean Theriault, a political scientist at the University of Texas in Austin, says Republicans “are in a huge hole with Hispanics at the beginning of the presidential campaign.”

“Romney ran to the entire Republican field’s right on immigration and the Dream Act,” he said. “It is not only that the Republicans have been on the wrong side of the issue for Hispanics, it is that the Republicans have demonized Hispanics and portrayed them in the worst possible light.”

Here is the entire piece.

As long as Romney continues to dodge the immigration issue, the 40 point spread will remain.

Like I said, it is a quiet Fourth so I don’t know what to make of H-Town CM Helena Brown and the timesheets.

Check out the Chron story here.

Oh, well!

When was the last time the ‘Stros played at The Yard on the Fourth of July?

Commentary checked out the Dynamo last night.  Some call it a game and some call it a match.  The tickets said a game.  The final score was 0-0.  Some call it a draw and some call it a tie.  BBVA Compass Stadium is a very nice facility. 

I don’t know what else you can say about Andy Griffith except that he was never nominated for an Emmy Award for acting during the “Andy Griffith Show” days even though the show was Numero 1 in the ratings when it went off the air.  If there wasn’t an Andy Griffith we never would have had a Barney Fife, an Opie, and Aunt Bee, a Ron Howard, a Gomer Pyle, a Goober, or an Otis.

I put this out around five years ago on May 29, 2007:

Hey, go check out “Waitress.” There were like 100 women at the movie house and around five of us fellas. I guess you would call it a chick flick, even though the pies steal the scene. I’m betting that Andy Griffith gets a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role in the movie – very entertaining.

Of course Andy didn’t get a nomination but he was great in the movie.

I also thought he did a nice job in the Ron Howard produced YouTube ad for The President back in 2008. 

Check this out from the Houston Press on the memorable ‘Stros games on the Fourth of July.

The last time the ‘Stros played at The Yard on the Fourth of July was back on July 4, 2007 of course when the ‘Stros were whipped by the Phillies 8-3 at The Yard – ouch!

I don’t know what to say about our current meltdown that has the team 13 back! 


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