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Let’s hope not but I don’t feel good about this.  The dreaded General Mobility Payments (GMPs) is in today’s Chron.  One of the reasons I like The Mayor is because she doesn’t like to kick the can down the road. She takes on the challenges like the GMPs.  She is also trying to get the other 14 METRO service area mayors to buy in but I don’t think that is going to happen.   They are all addicted to their GMPs fix.  Here is from the Chron:

"I’m between a rock and a hard place on this," (Mayor Annise) Parker said. "The general mobility money fuels our street capital projects plan. It’s a significant portion of that, but I also know if we don’t allow transit money to go to transit, we’re never going to be able to grow our system. I think there’s some compromises out there that can be made to allow more money to flow into Metro without unduly burdening the cities."

And here is more:

Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen said he and other mayors have met on separate occasions with Parker and (METRO Board Chair Gilbert) Garcia in hopes of reaching a compromise. They plan to meet with Garcia again Friday.

"What we’re trying to prove to her, as well as Metro, is, I think, she can cap her general mobility funding and do what she wants to do," Owen said. "We can’t, and we won’t."

Here is the entire Chron story.

I really don’t see a resolution other than the ballot box.  Hey, that’s a novel concept – settle it at the ballot box!

You see the other 14 mayors don’t feel the pressure of being “between a rock and a hard place.”  None of their voters are going to get upset if H-Town ends up with light rail tracks without light rail trains.  Stay tuned!

Commentary will be attending his first ever Dynamo Match tonight at BBVA Compass Stadium thanks to CM James Rodriguez.  My Best Friend and his wife Julie will also be there.  I’m not a soccer fan but I’ll go to check out the experience.  I wonder what soccer grub looks like? 

“Taj Mahal” is a dirty word in HISD.  That’s what they used to call the administrative offices over on Richmond Avenue before HISD moved its headquarters to 18th Street.  Here is from today’s Chron on HISD’s proposed bond campaign:

"What I don’t know is, what are we getting for $80 million? We have not sat down and gone over all those costs," HISD board president Mike Lunceford said Friday. "We know there are special needs for that (HSPVA) school. We need schools that are going to hold up, but we’re not trying to build Taj Mahals."

Here is the entire bond article.

I like Mike Lunceford but I don’t know if I would have used the words Taj Mahals.  If opposition to the bonds ever emerges, you can bet they are now going to use those two bad words against HISD.

When was the last time the ‘Stros sent more than one player to the MLB All Star Game?

I’m sure a lot of Numero 45’s critics are having a field day and going after him for not agreeing to wear the Dodger Blue.  All I can say is Numero 45 has a contract and he had his rights too.  Here is from today’s team website:

"You try to smooth that out as much as you can," (‘Stro Skipper Brad) Mills said. "It comes down to he played by the rules and he (Numero 45) exercised them. I don’t know if there’s awkwardness or not. I haven’t sensed awkwardness in the clubhouse from any players or him. We’ll see how that is moving forward, but I’m not expecting any problems at all."

It just wasn’t handled properly by the front office so just move on.

In 2009 Hunter Pence and Miguel Tejada of course represented the ‘Stros at the MLB All Star Game.

The team continues to play poorly.


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