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Best Politics Blog: Marc Campos‘s Daily Commentary!


“There are plenty of good political blogs that cover the issues of the day, but nothing puts you inside the machinations of Houston politics like this literally daily blog from longtime political consultant Marc Campos. His insights into the grind of local and state politics are as fascinating as they are entertaining.”……Houston Press, June 27, 2012.

Check out my fellow recipients here.

Let me introduce you to the Award Winning Commentary!

Tonight Commentary will be the recipient of the Best Politics Blog at the 2012 Second Annual Houston Web Awards presented by the Houston Press.  Let me thank the members of the Academy, oops, wrong group!

Other recipients include Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin (Best Local Sports Bar Twitter) and Lance Zierlein (Best Sports Fan/News Twitter). 

I’m going to practice my acceptance remarks with you if you don’t mind:

Let me thank the 2012 Houston Web Awards for this outstanding honor.  Like Sally Fields once said “I can’t deny the fact that you like me!  You like me!”  Or as George M. Cohan used to say “my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you.”

Actually it is a pretty cool deal because awards and Commentary don’t have much of a history together.  Now I can call myself the Award Winning Commentary, at least until next year – very cool.

Of course I couldn’t get this honor without a lot of help.  I really want to thank all the wonderful material out there I have to work with including the GOP bashing of paperless folks, Tea Baggers, POTUS, The H-Town Mayor for not ducking the tough issues, Guv Dude, and the Lone Star State Dem Party for failing to engage the Latino vote.

I also want to thank some of my outstanding clients like CM James Rodriguez, HISD Trustee Anna Eastman, SBOE candidate Traci Jensen, and former constable candidate Joe Martinez who all give politics around these parts a richer flavor.    

Let me thank the Municipal Channel for bringing the H-Town City Council meetings into my office every week where I pick up ideas from CMs like Costello, Bradford, Gonzalez, and Boss Ma-am.  Oh and I forgot CM Sullivan.  Let me thank other key folks and entities like the H-Town GLBT PAC, The Dean, The DREAMERS, Kuffer, Robert Miller, CNN, Burkablog, Serge, Hector, Chris Moran and Chron.com, who fight the good fight or let me know about the good fight.

Let me thank all the folks – whether I agree with you or not on issues – for stepping into the public square and trying to make a difference.  Often times you interest me, sometimes you p__s me off, sometimes you do great things, sometimes you make me sad, sometimes you puzzle me, sometimes I feel sorry for you, and sometimes you come off looking like total dumbarses.  Let me thank CEWDEM for snatching me up every day and sending it out.

Let me say this.  All I do is a Commentary sometimes tongue-in-check about stuff that is happening with our politics.  As I’ve said before, I don’t do talking points, I don’t exaggerate the facts, and I don’t play games (except for my MLB question of the day).  I try to be candid and direct.

Some folks like Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother and Edgar will send me a friendly comment or two on something I said.  Some folks will send me a critical comment or two and it hurts my feelings for around 15 seconds.  Some folks will send me stuff wanting me to do a political hit on someone that I just ignore. 

I’m not into scorch-the-earth political takes because I believe it contributes to global warming.  I don’t think it is healthy to have political enemies because you never know if you’ll be standing by them at The Yard in the St. Arnold line. 

I forgot to mention the ‘Stros, the ‘Stro media guide, MLB, and the greatest game ever invented.  Sometimes I’m able to segue from the politics into baseball, most times I can’t though.  There are always interesting baseball facts to be found in my desk drawer.

So there you have it!

Finally let me thank MariGirl for being herself and making sure stuff like being named Best Politics Blog doesn’t go to my head.  She is not the same MariGirl that walked into my shop five years ago this summer ago, but that’s a good thing.  She makes sure our product is as advertised.

Name the ‘Stros with twitter accounts?

Hope the Supremes don’t mess up my high with a lousy health care ruling today – that’s all I have to say about that!

It looks like we will have us a new Chair of the Houston Port Authority.  Current Chair Jim Edmonds won’t seek reappointment.

Here is the Chron story.

Meanwhile, Port Commissioner Jim Fonteno, Jr. was reappointed by the County on a 3-2 vote.

Congratulations to CM Ellen Cohen for getting the $5 fee passed yesterday.  I don’t know why they call those places “gentlemen” clubs.   My idea of being a “gentleman” doesn’t include sticking a ten into – well you know what I’m talking about. 

Speaking of Edgar, I wonder if he saw my pal Nick Anderson’s cartoon today in the Chron.  It depicts the Dome as a big trash can for all those Dome studies.   I don’t think the Texans or Rodeo would want the Dome to be the first indoor landfill.

Check out the cartoon here.

The following ‘Stros have twitter accounts of course:

Chris Snyder (@hyphen18), Chris Johnson (@cjastros23), @BudNorris20, @brianbogusevic, @JordanSchafer,   Jason Castro (@J_Castro15), @lucasharrell34, @Carlos45Lee, Wesley Wright (@realweswright), Brett Myers (@theoutlaw39, @jordanlyles41 , and @JDMartinez14.

It looks like the new ‘Stro owner is thinking about doing away with the choo choo train and Tal’s Hill.  I wonder what they will do with the choo choo train and Tal’s Hill.  Maybe they ought to let folks bid on them at an auction.

Well what do you know!  A ‘Stro pitcher threw another complete game.  That’s two in less than a week –wow!  It’s too bad only 15,012 showed up last night.


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