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First of all, let me apologize for yesterday’s delay.  We had a major email problem with our server – sorry.

It has been fun to watch the GOP squirm like a worm the last eleven days after The President provided relief to The DREAMERS.  A debate on immigration is a loser for the GOP when you are talking about the Latino vote – period!  You could sum it up yesterday on CNN watching Mitt Romney’s press secretary do a Porky Pig "Th-th-th-th-that’s all, folks" on the press plane.  Romney can’t figure out what wave to catch when it comes to immigration.

Latino voters are not dumb.  They’re paying attention and that’s why The President holds a 40 point plus lead in the polls among Latino voters.  They can see through Romney’s BS when he says he’ll have an immigration reform plan when he takes office but won’t be specific on the details.

Romney was even called out last night on CNN by a GOP Latina political consultant.

Then Guv Dude said yesterday’s Supremes’ ruling was a victory and "is one step forward and two steps back — simply not good enough” – huh! 

My math says one step forward and two steps back equals one step back, Dude!

In battleground states like Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico where the Latino vote will be the decider, the immigration issue is a tone setter.  Arizona GOP Governor Jan Brewer said yesterday’s ruling that upheld for now the “show me your papers” provision was a winner for her administration.  The “show me your papers” provision will also help motivate Latino voters in battleground states to show up this November and assist in the getting The President reelected.

Even though the Lone Star State Dem Party has failed to engage the Latino voter, here in the Lone Star State Dems could see a bump or two in certain communities like H-Town.

Check out today’s Chron column by Patricia Kilday Hart here.

Here is how it ends:

Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, called the ruling "a blow to the states’ righters. They lost. As simple as that." Still, he predicted that someone would "file a bill" to get the issue back before the Supreme Court.

The statement proved prescient: Shortly after my interview with Coleman, Perry, claiming the court’s decision blessed state anti-immigrant enforcement, pledged to pass a "sanctuary city" ban when the Legislature convenes in January.

While Dude continues to play up to the Tea Baggers, Latino voters just get motivated to turnout.  Stay tuned!

Name the pitcher that holds the ‘Stros record for throwing the most career shutouts?

It looks like there may be another ballot initiative for H-Town voters.  The Kubosh fellas are behind an effort to get a measure on the ballot that does away with the recently enacted ordinance on how you go about feeding the homeless in parts of H-Town.

Check out the Chron article on the effort here.

Now that Alyson Footnotes is gone I’ll be checking out “Everybody Reads Raymond.”  Dave Raymond is one of the ‘Stros radio announcers and he has takes on the ‘Stros website.  Today he talks about interleague play:

Did you know that in 16 years of interleague play, the Padres have never been to Toronto?  That’s ridiculous.  The Rangers haven’t gone to St. Louis (during the regular season, anyway).  The Dodgers never visited old Yankee Stadium.  Worse, they haven’t even been to new Yankee Stadium.

The Braves have never been to Kansas City.

In 16 years, we couldn’t figure out how to get the Twins to Atlanta?  Come on.

Here is all of “Everybody Reads Raymond”.

Larry Dierker of course leads the ‘Stros with 25 career shutouts.

We should have won last night.  I hate to see losses like last night.


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