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I’m kind of old school in that I want my members of the H-Town City Council to make sure things are working right like Rebuild Houston, Free Hobby, the new Hochberg led CSI, and safe streets.  The H-Town City Council adopted a budget yesterday and here’s how the Chron led off their story on the budget:

Andrew Burks made at least 12 unsuccessful runs for public office before he finally won a seat on Houston City Council in December. Now that he’s here, he apparently wants to stay longer than current law allows.

He proposes doubling the number of years a council member, mayor and city controller can serve to 12. Council adopted his budget amendment Wednesday that sends his idea to committee where it can be turned into language for a fall ballot measure.

Check out the entire Chron piece here.

My advice to Council is to leave it alone.  We have too many other important things on the ballot this November.   The City bond campaign, the HISD and HCC bond campaigns, and the METRO GMPs campaign are all going to require campaign funds.  Who is going to give money to the extend term limits campaign?  Who is going to lead the term limit extension campaign?  It could be easier to organize against extending terms and then if it gets beat it will be a rejection of a City Council initiative that could have 2013 implications for those running for reelection.  It is not worth the risk if you ask me but once again they didn’t ask me.

The Royals were in town and did some damage at The Yard.  Everyone knows that Hall of Fame great George Brett has had his Numero 5 retired out at Kauffman and it hangs by Jackie Robinson’s 42.   George Brett is one of four players in MLB history to have over 3,000 hits, 300 home runs, and a career .300 batting average.  Name the other three?

Stories hit the internet last night that NBC was going to dump “Today Show” host Ann Curry.  That’s a dumb move.  Give her some time.  I like her style.  Let’s see how things go during the Olympics.

This is what one of The President’s campaign advisors said about Romney and immigration reform:

"hopelessly twisted up on this issue."

Ain’t it the truth! 

Here is more on immigration and Prez politics.

Commentary every now and then will provide updates from BBWAA members on how they will vote at the end of the year on The Rocket getting into the Hall of Fame.  Here is the latest:

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated this week:

"The two (The Rocket and his trainer) of them were inseparable, typically with Andy Pettitte close by. We know that Pettitte, Clemens’ close friend and workout partner, used HGH and used McNamee as his supplier and facilitator. We know that Debbie Clemens, Roger’s wife, used McNamee as her supplier and facilitator. Other Yankees obtained their drugs and the how-tos of using them from McNamee.

"But we are left to believe that Clemens, while forging a closer bond with McNamee than anyone else, found a second stage of his career only on the magic of hard work and a split-finger fastball, as if he were the only baseball player to ‘work hard.’"

Randy Galloway of the Star Telegram

Sorry, Roger, but you won’t have my HOF vote. Not now, and I’d guess, not ever. Neither will Bonds. Unlike those two, Sammy Sosa’s name was never mentioned in the Mitchell Report.

Right or wrong, and with some doubt, I will still vote for Sammy.

The ‘Stros sent some of us this morning a one question survey and I’ll share my response:

‘Stros:  How would you like to see Roger Clemens work with the Astros moving forward?

Commentary:  I would not like to see him working with the Astros.  He’s an egotistical distraction.  If he doesn’t make it into the Hall of Fame next January, the whole steroid issue will once again be front and center at The Yard.  Let’s move forward without him and thanks for asking.

Hall of Fame greats Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Stan Musial all had careers with over 300 dingers, 3,000 base hits, and a .300 batting average.

Instead of the team worrying about how to bring on The Rocket, let’s worry about winning some games.  I’m glad we have the day off as the AL Central first place Tribe come in for three this weekend.


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