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Commentary plans to watch as much of the H-Town City Council budget debate as I can this morning.  I don’t think CM Ellen Cohen will have much of a problem getting her local pole tax passed.  I wonder who the lucky stiff is that is going to get handed the assignment to go collect the tax.

Yesterday’s Council meeting had kind of a preview on the debate on banning plastic bags.  The bag manufacturers were making the case that they would be losing a few hundred local jobs.  I suspect most of those jobs are currently held by Latinos and Latinas.  It ought to be an interesting next 12 months as H-Town is fixing to get an education on plastic bags.

Florida GOP Senator Marci Rubio announced that he is no longer working on his version of The DREAM Act because of The President’s announcement on Friday stole his thunder.  In other words, Rubio can no longer score brownie points with the GOP and the Latino community on his bogus DREAM Act version.  NO SE PUEDE!

Speaking of, there were reports yesterday that Rubio was not being considered for the VP slot.  Then Romney came out to say that the reports were not true and Rubio was being considered which means that Rubio isn’t being considered – got it!

Everybody knows that A-Roid is now tied with Hall of Fame great Lou Gehrig for career grand salamis with 23.  There is only one other active MLBer in the top 10 in career salamis – name him?

Speaking of taking back the courthouse, the “no piñata” signs are coming down. 

Check out the story here.

I ran into 20/10 at The Yard last night and he was turning in a couple of boxes of MLB All Star ballots.  I checked with MLB election officials they told me that 20/10 has already racked up 17,000 plus ballots.  Sign him up for November and today is the last day to cast a ballot!

Speaking of, ‘Stros second baseman Jose Altuve has now made it to third in the vote count but I don’t know if he can make it into a run-off.  I wonder if Kuffer will provide us with a precinct-by-precinct analysis after the vote is canvassed after all, Altuve is having a better year than Dan Uggla or Brandon Phillips.

I don’t have a problem if the new owner wants to have The Rocket hanging around The Yard as long as they don’t have a problem with some fans thinking or saying that they still believe he is a ‘roider.

Numero 45 of course is the only active MLBer other than A-Roid in the top 10 in career grand salamis.  He’s tied for ninth place alongside Henry Aaron, Dave Kingman, and some fella named Babe Ruth at 16 apiece.  Numero 45 is celebrating his 36th BD today and is batting .300 this season but his overall offensive production is down and that’s why only one Caballito remains on the concourse these days.

By the way, The Yard makeover in left field that I mentioned yesterday is just new signage that is going to block part of the choo choo train view.  I wonder if the choo choo train is also going to be sent packing like Junction Jack.

Our hitters choked in clutch situations last night.  We had opportunities to win but failed to come through.


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