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Way to go to Time Magazine for their cover story this week on DREAMERS.  It is titled: We Are Americans — Just Not Legally.

Check it out here.

I used to have a dog named Burglar.  We got Burglar a day after our home was burglarized three days before Christmas.  The burglars knocked down the Christmas tree, stomped on the ornaments, and took all of the wrapped gifts.   I’ve been burglarized twice in my lifetime, I’ve been held-up at gunpoint, my cars have been broken into a couple of times, and a car has been stolen and stripped to the frame.  To the best of my knowledge, the perps were never caught but I have to figure that their life of crime eventually caught up with them.

Coming home and finding out that your home has been burglarized is a sickening and frightening feeling.  You also feel a major sense of personal violation.  You feel like wanting to take a shower and also want to wash down everything in your home. 

A few weeks ago when the former HPD officer was found not guilty someone that I really respect said he was glad the cop got off and reminded me that Chad Holley was part of a burglary ring and deserved to get the s__t beat out of him.

I don’t feel sorry for Chad Holley this morning after watching him in orange jail gear over at the county jail.  He got arrested for burglary yesterday.  He ought to be thanking his lucky stars this morning that he didn’t get the s__t beat out of him this time when he was arrested or worse catch a round up his dumb arse.

You have to figure that prosecutors aren’t thrilled about going forward and prosecuting the other former cops that beat the s__t out of Holley.  Oh, well.

Maybe folks ought to go back and review the tape to see if parts of his brain fell during his arse whipping  by the cops a couple of years ago because he’s not acting like he has any brains these days

I’m looking forward to watching the H-Town City Council meeting next week when they take up the budget.  I kind of want to know how extending Council terms from two years to four years is a budget issue.  I want to know how eliminating plastic bags at grocery stores is a budget issue. 

My pal CM Mike Sullivan wants to reduce the salaries of council members.   Considering the fact that CM Sullivan has already announced that he’s leaving at the end of this year, I’m sure this isn’t sitting well with his fellow colleagues.

After last night there have now been 22 perfect games thrown in MLB history.  Which league owns the most perfect games?

The fight for the METRO GMPs has begun.  City Council members are now starting to receive emails that look like this:

I am a Metro rider and I believe that spending our entire transit sales tax on transit is crucial for the future of the City of Houston and the Houston region. Please put a ballot referendum forward to the voters this November that ends the wasteful diversion of one fourth of our transit taxes to the General Mobility Fund.

I support Metro in their continued efforts to expand high quality transit to build a stronger, more equitable local economy, healthier communities, and cleaner air and better environment for the Houston region. We want the transit system we voted for in 2003 and we want it as fast as possible.

Thanks for all that you do to improve the quality of life for all the people of the Houston region.

It looks like METRO service area voters will be the GMP deciders later this year.

The American League of course owns 13 perfect games and the National League owns 9.

During my pal Drayton’s 18 year watch, we had two no-nos tossed against us.  The new owner and his GM haven’t even been here a year and now they have the mother of all no-nos tossed against us – perfection.   Let’s see if we can rebound this afternoon in San Fran.

My pal Chris Canonico (of CDM fame) can say he witnessed MLB history.  He was at AT&T Park last night.  He posted his game tix and the following after the game: I guess I can cross “perfect game” off of my list of things to do.

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