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Good morning, Lone Star State Dems.  Did you pick up our local daily and see what Patricia Kilday Hart had to say to start off her column?

As the Texas Democratic Party gathers in Houston this weekend for its annual statewide convention, an obvious question suggests itself:

Why bother?

Check out her entire piece here.

Of course she didn’t mention failure to engage Latino voters.

Point of clarification, Patricia Kilday Hart is not part of the Welcome to H-Town Delegation. 

Well at least GOP delegates are booing the Lite Guv up in Fort Worth.

Commentary and Traci Jensen, Democratic nominee for State Board of Education, District 6, made the rounds last night.  We saw a lot of folks.  The Stonewall Dems Reception was kind of lively.

Carlos Correa signed a contract with the ‘Stros yesterday.  The numero 1 draft pick wore the numero 12 jersey.  Name the last ‘Stro to wear the numero 12 at an MLB All Star Game?

The Statesman has a piece today on a former GOP state legislator turned lobbyist who is spending his leftover campaign cash on lobbying expenses.  Hope he didn’t spend it all.  He’s going to need some to pay a likely hefty fine.

Check out the piece here.

So how do you really feel about Guv Dude, Burkablog?

Perry thinks he still matters, but he doesn’t. He tries to remain relevant (he told the GOP convention that he wasn’t “riding off into the sunset,” but the sun is getting mighty low on the horizon). This is what happens when you stay too long. Everyone has always said that it is impossible to get to Rick Perry’s right, but it turns out the entire Republican convention is already there.

Check out Burkablog’s take here.

There may be leadership changes over at the Port.

Check out today’s Chron.

Jeff Kent of course wore the numero 12 as a ‘Stro at the MLB All Star Game that was played at The Yard in 2004. 

I’m glad I wasn’t at The Yard last night.  I hate seeing massacres.


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