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Lone Star State Dems start arriving today here in H-Town to elect DNC members, Party officers, and National Delegates.  I’m sure there will also be some discussion on what we have to do to start WINNING!

The state’s political press will also be here but don’t pay attention to what the Trib said today:

Texas Democrats limp into Houston on Thursday for yet another state party convention that will highlight how far they have sunk into statewide oblivion.


Here is the entire Trib piece.

There are 48 former and active MLBers in the 400 career dinger club with Barry, Barry at the top with 762.  Name the two that are tied for 47th?

Commentary will be at the Dem Convention with Traci Jensen, Democratic nominee for State Board of Education, District 6 (Commentary’s client).  Traci is an outstanding candidate.  I hope fellow Dems get a chance to meet her.  We’re looking forward to attending a seminar that will be held Saturday morning at 9:30 am on “Electing a Smarter State Board of Education.”  The Party told me that the Texas Freedom Network is putting it on. 

BTW:  Traci still hasn’t received a response to her letters.  Stay tuned!

My pal Bill King must be suffering from writer’s block.  I guess he couldn’t think of a topic to tackle today so he took the easy route and endorsed candidates.  Here is from his column:

Hopefully the July 31 runoff will promote (David) Dewhurst and (Paul) Sadler to the title match in November. Both have legitimate qualifications for being a U.S. senator. But there is no telling what the turnout will be in the runoff. In those circumstances it is not inconceivable that in November, Texas voters would have to choose between (Ted) Cruz and (Grady)Yarbrough to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison. Either would be quite a step down.

Check out Bill’s column here.

If out-of-town Dems want to do something tonight after or in lieu of the Kick-Off Reception, the ‘Stros are hosting San Luis just a few blocks from the Hilton Americas.  There are plenty of seats and St. Arnold still available.

If you want to eat something other than hotel or convention center grub, the Chron’s 29*95 just put out a list of H-Town’s Top 100 Grub Spots.

Check it out here.

A couple of the grub spots are within walking distance, but you better bring plenty of dough. 

The Dynamo won’t be playing this weekend but if Dems take a peek at what’s behind the George R. Brown Convention Center, they’ll be able to see the brand new BBVA Compass Stadium.  If Dems happen to run into The H-Town Mayor or CM James Rodriguez at the convention, give them a high five or a “way to go” shout out on getting the new soccer stadium built.

The late Hall of Fame great Duke Snider and Paul Konerko of the White Sox of course are tied for 47th with 407 dingers each on the MLB All Time Career Dinger list.

The ‘Stros got a little too aggressive on the base paths last night and paid the price in a one run loss – DRATS!!!!


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