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Last month, my pal Bill King wrote a column about the METRO General Mobility Payments (GMPs).  That’s the money that METRO doles out to the participating cities every year.  This November the voters get to decide how to handle future GMPs.

Here is Bill’s piece.

Today the Chron has a preview on what may be before the METRO service area voters this November.  Here is a part of the Chron article:

As Metro prepares to ask voters whether it should continue providing part of its sales tax revenues for road work, its board chairman has called for the agency to freeze these payments at 2014 levels and retain any increased revenues for transit needs.


The coalition of multi-city mayors, however, wants the payments to continue in full.

"The 14 of us are not interested in capping our payments, and we will fight it," said coalition chairman and Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen. "The whole problem with it is that people think Metro subsidizes us. It’s the reverse, we’re subsidizing Metro. We don’t intend to give them any more than what we’re giving today."

Here is the entire article.

This debate ought to be very interesting so we need to stay tuned!

If you are a MLB fan you know that tonight the MLB conducts the 2012 Amateur Player Draft.  The first ever draft was held in 1965.  Name the first player taken in the 1965 inaugural draft?

My pal H-Town CM Mike Sullivan says win, lose, or draw, he will resign from City Council effective January 1, 2013.

Here is from the Chron.

Giving council six months’ advance notice of his intentions allows it time to place an election for Sullivan’s successor on the November ballot instead of holding a stand-alone election in District E that would cost taxpayers an estimated $150,000 to $200,000.

Of course if there is a runoff, it would be a stand-alone election that would still cost the City some bucks. 

Commentary plans to attend the Democratic Party State Convention this weekend.  I wonder how many delegates will show up.

Rick Monday of course was drafted by the KC Athletics with the first pick in the inaugural MLB Amateur Player Draft in 1965.  Monday had 241 dingers in his career.

After work today, Commentary and MariGirl will head over to The Yard to the team’s draft party.  Last season’s 106 loses ended up getting us the first overall pick tonight. 

It was good to see Tiger back in form yesterday.

It was also good to see the team finally win one yesterday.


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