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Yesterday, my pal Robert Miller did a drive-by on that Michael Quinn Sullivan fella.  Sullivan is the GOP Empower Texans fella that wants to knock off the GOP Texas House Speaker.  In the process of filleting Sullivan, Robert also did a job on Lone Star Project.  Here is part of Robert’s take:

Michael Quinn Sullivan is trumpeting the fact that three Republican Texas House Committee Chairs were defeated in Tuesday’s primary, and two others are in runoffs.  He states that primary “race after race was a repudiation of Team Straus.”  However, when candidates supported by Sullivan lost, these were “anomalies.”

Sullivan reminds me of Matt Angle of the Lone Star Project.  Both are talented, certainly, but each is extremely biased and often merely masquerades as telling the truth.  Sullivan, on the right, and Angle, on the left, appear to believe that if you say it loudly and often enough, it makes it true.

Both are part of the seamy underbelly of a democracy.  The first amendment entitles them to voice their opinions as mouthpieces for their wealthy backers.  But we should not give them too much credibility.  They are simply hired guns, paid to slash and burn.

I don’t know about throwing Lone Star Project under the bus on this one.  I wonder how he got under Robert’s skin.  I don’t agree with Lone Star Project on some tactical issues but I don’t know if he’s part of the “underbelly.”  I checked out a definition for underbelly and found this – a corrupt or sordid part.”

Here is Robert’s entire take.

Robert doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a big supporter of the Texas House Speaker.  He gave the Speaker a glowing review a month or so ago.

Here’s what Burkablog said a day or so ago:

Members of the Straus team are going to be unsettled by what happened. This election reminded me of 2006, when Craddick lost five seats to Democrats, and that was the beginning of the end. The troops have to know that somebody is in charge. It’s not good enough to say that the losses were self-inflicted by candidates who ran poor campaign. It’s up to the leader to know who is running  poor campaigns and to do something about it. That didn’t happen.

There will be immense repercussions from these races. Straus is weakened, make no mistake. Another speaker’s race is already under way. The runoffs are going to be crucial; the anti-Straus forces are organized and well funded, and the Straus team must do a better job of handling these races.  They have to know who is for them and who is against them, and what kind of races they are running. One thing in their favor, as they see it, is that their allies did well in races for open seats, but several face runoffs.

I wonder if Robert is going to tackle Burkablog.

On a related note, the Texas House Speakers also got slapped around by the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.  Here is from today’s SA Express News:

The head of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus is urging Democrats to hold off pledging support to Speaker Joe Straus, charging that Straus “has turned his back on Texas women and minorities.”

In a letter to House Democrats, MALC Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, blamed Straus for trying “to enact the most extreme agenda in Texas history” last year.

Anti-immigration bills will be back on the table next year, Martinez Fischer wrote, along with attempts to cut education and health care while problems affecting water, transportation and energy will continue to be ignored. “Pledging now to any Speaker candidate tethers your wagon to these harmful ideas,” he continued.

Here is the entire article.

Among active MLBers, this hitter leads in both career walks and career strikeouts.  Who am I talking about?

What is a hired gun anyway?  I went to dictionary.com and found this: a person, as a politician or lobbyist, skilled at attaining power for others.

Of course, what do I know? On occasion I’m hired to help attain power for others – I like to call it consulting on political campaigns – but I don’t have one of those concealed weapon permits.  Of course, they don’t pay me enough to slash and burn.  Heck, I actually recycle!

The SA Express news has a story today on Grady Yarbrough, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate that is in the runoff.  Yarbrough dismisses the idea that some folks thought he was one of the Yarbroughs or Yarboroughs that ran for office a while back.  He says there hasn’t been a Yarborough on the ballot in 36 years or so.  In checking out his photo in today’s SA Express news, I see absolutely no resemblance to Yarborough candidates of past elections.

Roy O. is now going to be a Ranger.  I wonder if they will let him wear the 44.

Jim Thome of course now of the Phillies leads all active MLB hitters in career walks (1,728) and career strikeouts (2,497).  Thome is dinged up right now and is on the DL.

The Chron said we would go 11-17 in May but we went 13-15 and we’ve lost our last six.  The Chron said we would be 21-30 but we’re 22-29. 

The Reds are in for the weekend and it’s “Flashback Friday” tonight with J.R. Richard throwing out the first pitch.  The team will also experiment with tailgating tomorrow.  They’ll hand out rainbow t-shirts tonight, retro gym bags tomorrow, and retro lunch bags on Sunday. 

The last six games we’ve been playing like last year.  We need to get back to winning!


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