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First of all, Commentary was working to Free Hobby on behalf of a client.

The H-Town City Council yesterday overwhelmingly voted to Free Hobby 16-1.  It was an outstanding win for The H-Town Mayor and the City.   The Mayor’s leadership and handling of this issue was right on.  Chairs Melissa Noriega’s and Stephen Costello’s guidance of the four public hearings allowed for all concerned parties to state their case.  And of course, CM James Rodriguez’s (my client) advocacy, playing the role of the whip, and offering strategic advice was essential in getting the deal done.

I also can’t say enough about the team that Southwest Airlines assembled to guide the project through City Hall.

Way to go!

Here is the Chron story.

Here is what CM Rodriguez put out after the vote:

I am honored to have been part of today’s historic vote at City Council approving the expansion project at Hobby Airport that will allow for international flight service. I want to thank my colleagues for supporting this important initiative.

Last year when I was first approached by Southwest Airlines about their proposal to construct a new five-gate international facility at Hobby Airport for service to Mexico, the Caribbean and cities in Central and South America, I advised them to prepare to fully engage the entire community. I want to thank Southwest Airlines Chairman of the Board and CEO Gary Kelly, his team, and their employees for answering all of our questions and concerns in the most professional and timely manner.

Hobby Airport is in my council district, District I. I chose to take an active leadership role in this endeavor because it is good for our community, good for my district, and it makes good economic sense. This expansion project will create jobs and business opportunities as well as provide competition and lower airfares to and from Mexico, the Caribbean and cities in Central and South America, allowing our city to benefit from more tourists and business owners travelling to our great city.

Today Houston once again asserted that we are truly a great international city.

Of course one has to wonder if there was payback on the part of United when they put out a statement after the vote saying they were going to pink slip 1,300 of their H-Town employees beginning this fall.  I don’t know about that.

From Channel 13, here is how CM Rodriguez responded to the United announcement:

"It’s just a bit puzzling to me that they would make the announcement right after the council vote.  Southwest hasn’t built the facility yet, they haven’t started international flights. We are looking at 2015. And so to announce that they are not competing yet is probably a bit premature."

I’m thinking that this may be the summer of United payback.  I won’t be surprised this Friday to see during the seventh inning stretch at The Yard United employees snatching their sign off of the center field façade.  Stay tuned!

Among active MLBers, name the top two players with career doubles?

Speaking of, Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother is having a going away party after work today at Sheer Luck’s on West Gray.

CEWDEM endorsed Gene Wu out in HD 137.  CEWDEM has a right to do that and if you don’t like it, delete him or don’t send him your takes.

The Chron E-Board today deservedly lectured Lone Star State Dems today.

Check it out.

Here are morsels from the lecture:

The party watched another worthy aspirant forced into a runoff by an unknown with a familiar political name. This would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


But Democrats seem unable to get their house in order, and some of the best candidates cannot survive their own primaries, let alone the general election.


Texas Democrats need to tend their own garden, not only to help themselves, but the state as a whole. A functioning republic requires competing interests. Without an alternative to Republicans, large portions of the Texas populace will go unrepresented. And without a strong opposition, any political party can slide into complacency and irrelevance, or worse.

Texas deserves better.

You can say that again.

In the Harris County Democratic Party Primary Runoff in Precinct Constable 2, Zerick Guinn goes in as the leader after getting 2,017 (32.53%) in round 1 and Chris Diaz getting 1,018 (16.42%).  An analysis of the early voting showed that of the 3,461 that cast ballots, 38% were African American, 36% were Latino, and 23% Anglo.  There was also a higher than usual percentage of voters without a recent Democratic voting history.  Guess what?  Most of these low propensity voters were Latino that we figured were coming out to support the seven Latino candidates in the race.  It is going to be a huge challenge to get these folks back to the polls in the runoff.  By the way, Guinn is African American.   Guinn is the strong favorite in this runoff.

Dodger Bobby Abreu (562) and Rockies Todd Helton (561) of course lead active MLBers in career doubles.

I have absolutely nothing to say about losing five in a row. 


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