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Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother will be leaving the City of H-Town next week.  He’s been in charge of making sure the City doesn’t get cracked too hard during Lone Star State legislative sessions. He’s handled the job well if you ask me.  Lately, he’s also been serving as The Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff.  His next stop will be down I-45 at the University of Houston where he will head up government relations.

Commentary has always been impressed with his professionalism, his political savvy, his takes on politics, and just being a real good guy.  He is certainly one of the better ones in this business. (He also knows MLB stuff.)

He’ll be missed at the City.  Of course, I hope he at least makes one more contribution before he heads out the door – and that’s to make sure Hobby gets freed. 

Good luck, Darrin Hall!  We will see you down the road!

Roll Call:  I got a robo call yesterday from Erika Lee’s mom.

Name the first African American MLBer to lead either the AL or NL in dingers for a season?

After 2012 EV Day 11 for Dems, Sunnyside (1,986) still leads with Fiesta (1,732) and West Gray (1,730) locked in a battle for second.  Dems need to get 10,691 folks to show up in person today to match the 2010 total.  It’s not going to happen. 

Commentary was listening to Sports 610 yesterday and they were talking about the Astrodome.  Some fella called in and suggested that they strip down the Dome to just the skeletal beams and paint them, fix them up to look nice,  put in park benches, and plant some grass.  Folks would still know that that is where the Eighth Wonder of the World once stood.  Why not? That’s what they do with dinosaur bones.

Meanwhile, on Chron.com, 1,544 (77%) said they would vote not to fix the Dome and Reliant Arena if a tax hike was involved.  280 (14%) said yes.  183 (9%) wanted to see the size of the tax increase before deciding.

Larry Doby of course as a member of the Tribe lead the AL with 32 dingers back in 1954, becoming the first African American to lead a league in dingers.

Patricia Kilday Hart’s column today has to do with “pay for play” endorsements over in the local GOP Primary.  You know Hootzie and my pal Gary Polland’s money making slate makers.  Of course, you have to have the hard copy to find out more.  Dems don’t do money making slates, do we?

H-Town is bidding for the 2017 Super Bowl but the Chron’s General said we have no chance of getting it.

Here are more Chron stories related to fixing the Dome:

Plans for Dome and arena would likely bring tax hike.


Astrodome revival is fine, but Reliant Stadium’s welfare comes first, McNair says.

The ‘Stros have a 5-13 record on the road.  Let’s hope we can improve as we head into LA for three this weekend.


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