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It does not look like Harris County Dem voters will reach the 2010 EV in person total of 33,771.  With four days to go, we’re sitting at 13,763 EV in person.  It looks like we will top the 2010 mail ballot total of 6,959.  Today we’re sitting at 6,295.  West Gray is still running at second with 1,095, behind Sunnyside’s 1,151. 

Roll Call:  Judge Kirkland’s opponent sent a negative mailer yesterday attacking the Judge for something that happened nearly three decades ago.   

Commentary was watching “Meet the Press” Sunday morning and saw Newark Mayor Cory Booker make some “nauseating” remarks about the Prez campaigns.  Now the Mayor is trying to back away from misspeaking.  If you are going to go on programs like “Meet the Press”, you better be on your game.  The Mayor wasn’t on his.

Everybody knows that the ‘Stros are AL bound so we’re kind of on a farewell NL tour this season.   In our team history, which team have we beat the most and which team has beat us the most?

Twenty years ago this evening, Johnny Carson said goodbye to the “Tonight Show.”

The Chron E-Board today shows support for the DREAM Act.

Check it out here.

FLASH!  It’s official.  After careful consideration and deliberation Commentary has decided to retire McLovin’s jersey.  McLovin will only exist in the past.  From here on out, he’s 20/10. 

The ‘Stros have 395 wins over the Reds of course and the Reds have 431 wins over the ‘Stros of course – tops in both wins and losses – get it!

The official scorer called it E-Commentary.  I’m talking about the foul shot grounder off the bat of ‘Stro Jason Castro that skipped off of my lid last night.  Two pitches later Castro rapped a three run dinger.  The ‘Stros won and are now 19-23.  Last night’s crowd of 16,895 was a pretty dismal showing for a Cubbie game.


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