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West Gray needs to wake up.   In 2010, a total of 3,236 voted in early person at West Gray in the Harris County Dem Primary.  Palm Center was second with 2,626.  Fiesta was third with 2,554.   Sunnyside was fourth with 2,485.  After 2012 EV Day 4, Sunnyside leads with 566.  Fiesta is second with 496.  West Gray is third with 477.  Palm Center is fourth with 436. 

This one has me scratching my head.

Only 6 Dems voted at the new Galleria location yesterday. 

After four days, 6,317 Dems have voted early in person and 5,875 by mail.  After four days in 2010, 8,229 Dems voted early in person and 4,129 had mailed in ballots. That’s 12,192 voter participants after EV 4 in 2012 as compared to 12,358 voter participants after EV 4 in 2010.  It is kind of close.

Of the pitchers in the Top 10 MLB All Time Career Wins, how many are southpaws?

You have to figure that if there is a sign war going on in the Harris County GOP Primary somehow County Commissioner Steve Radack has to be involved.
Sure enough, check this out on Chron.com. 
At least his employee isn’t using county resources.

The Chron’s Patricia Kilday Hart has a must read column today on H-Town racial issues related to Wednesday’s not guilty verdict.  It is must read but you can’t because you can only read it if you are old school and pay for a hard copy of the local fish wrap.  A sub headline reads “Stereotypes need to be fixed.”  I agree.  Read her column once it gets online.

Yesterday I got a Judge Kirkland robo call and a live phone call from the Judge’s campaign. 

It will certainly be happening at The Yard this weekend as the Rangers come in for the weekend.  Maybe we can have a sellout or two or three.  It would not surprise me if Rangers fans from the H-Town area and from DFW overwhelmed ‘Stros fans this weekend.  I’m OK with that as long as they buy plenty of St. Arnold and other stuff.

The late Hall of Fame great Warren Spahn is the only lefty in the All Time MLB Pitching Career Wins Top 10 of course with363 Ws.  Steve “Lefty” Carlton is numero 11 with 329.

We won last night and who knows, maybe this weekend we can play exciting baseball against Josh Hamilton, Kinsler, Young, Beltre, and the rest their bats – yikes!  I’m not disappointed that we don’t get to see that Darvish fella.  We go with Wandy tonight and they go with Feliz.



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