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Commentary has gotten a few emails the past couple of days about the Lone Star Dem Party establishment endorsing Judge Gilberto Hinojosa for State Dem Chair.  It looks like the same bunch of folks will keep running the Lone Star State Dem Party.  Oh, well.

For those of you that care, the Chron E-Board today endorsed former State Rep. Paul Sadler for U.S. Senate in the Dem Primary.  In its endorsement, the Chron E-Board lectured Lone Star State Dems:

Speaking of money, Sadler has a bone to pick with his fellow Democrats – as do we. This well-qualified candidate for the highest statewide office on the Democratic primary ballot is being forced to run his campaign on a shoestring. This, as wealthy Texas Democrats send money out of state to aid other candidates in those places.

This just shouldn’t be. It sends a signal that running statewide in Texas is hopeless for a Democrat.

It may be an uphill battle, but Sadler is a worthy candidate who deserves some of those Democrats’ dollars that are going out of state.

We encourage voters in the Democratic primary to cast their votes for Paul Sadler. And we encourage Democratic donors across the state to look closer to home when making their financing decisions.

Take that!

Check out the entire endorsement here.

Among former MLB African American pitchers, who has the most career wins?

The Chron also has an editorial today on yesterday’s not guilty verdict.

Check it out here.

There will be a protest this afternoon so stay tuned!

EV Day 3 in 2012 Harris County Dem Party Primary as compared to 2010:

In 2012 – 4,662 in person, 5,209 mail ballots returned.  In 2010 – 6,132 in person and 3,851 mail ballots returned.   So in terms of total voter participation to date it is 9,872 today and 9,983 two years ago.

After Day 3, West Gray is at 366, two years ago – 683. 

Galena Park is at 219, two years ago – 48.

Acres Homes is at 180, two years ago – 345.

HCC is at 112, two years ago – 71.

Sunnyside is at 414, two years ago – 447.

Bayland is at 225, two years ago – 328.

The new Galleria location is at 34.

West Gray needs to get it in gear.

Roll Call:  Yesterday Commentary received mail from Judge Kirkland, DA candidate Zack Fertitta, and Constable, Precinct 1 candidate Cindy Vara-Leija.

Hall of Fame great Ferguson Jenkins of course has 284 (tied for 27th overall) career wins – tops among African American MLB pitchers.

The bats came alive last night and we won one at The Yard. 


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