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Commentary hasn’t said anything lately about the H-Town Air Wars because I’m helping the effort to Free Hobby on behalf of a client.  I probably won’t say a whole lot in the days to come but I will talk today about an anonymous red flyer that was distributed to homes in neighborhoods surrounding Hobby Airport.  The flyer of course did not have a disclaimer and nobody has stepped forward to claim ownership.    It was a scare tactic flyer that said folks would lose their homes because Hobby would expand.  It mentioned that folks would lose their jobs.  It also said that expansion would be an environmental hazard.  The flyer didn’t sit well with residents and H-Town CM James Rodriguez.  Here is a part of what CM Rodriguez said last night at a public hearing on the Free Hobby effort:

“I have served this community at City Hall for the last 10 years. I was Chief of Staff to Carol Alvarado and now as your City Council member for the past 4 ½ years.  I also am a resident of this community. Together we have worked on many issues including infrastructure, flooding, demolishing dangerous abandoned apartment complexes, neighborhood historical designations, and Hobby Airport.  We’ve had discussion and debate at forums like this one, at civic club meetings, in homes, and at City Hall.  We have agreed, have disagreed, but have always been respectful of differing viewpoints.  What we don’t do in our community is this (he held up the flyer).  We do not send out anonymous flyers designed to instill fear and scare the community. We do not send out anonymous flyers that falsely claim that the City of Houston and Hobby Airport are out to confiscate your home. We do not send out anonymous flyers that threaten the jobs of the residents and taxpayers of our community. We will probably never know the identities of the cowards that distributed these flyers.  They have no place in this community.  This isn’t how we conduct ourselves.  We’re a proud and diverse community who work together to address our concerns. At times we may have differing opinions but we are always respectful of each other.”

Way to go again, James!

Yesterday, Commentary mentioned that Alex “A-Roid” Rodriguez was the career leader in RBIs among Latino ballplayers.  Name the numero 2 Latino in career RBIs?

In 2010, after two days of EV in the Harris County Dem Primary, 4,210 had voted in person and 3,466 had mailed in ballots.  In 2012, 3,035 have voted in person and 5,100 mail ballots have been returned.

In 2010, West Gray had 502, today 234.

Ripley 45 and 36.

Fiesta 284 and 235.

Bayland 205 and 149.

Galena Park 38 and 154.

IBEW (Pasadena) 34 and 99.

These are mixed results for sure.  This Sunday is an EV day and the local Dem Party is having a BBQ at the Party Headquarters.  I don’t know about that.  I’d rather be helping out my Dem candidates get EVs on Sunday.

Commentary got this yesterday:

I am Janette Padilla Sexton, and I ran for State Representative in District 144 in 2006 against 13-year incumbent Republican Robert Talton.  I believe that Mr. Campos, his dad, and all the residents in newly drawn District 144 need to know that Councilman Ornaldo Ybarra in Pasadena has absolutely no voting record (nada, zilch, zero!) with the Texas Democratic Party. 

Ybarra has never voted in a Democratic Primary!  As everyone on this listserv is aware, only the strongest partisans–Republican and Democratic–bother to vote in Primary Elections.  Should he be elected, I do not have a whit of confidence that he would vote to protect the Democratic values that we all hold dear.


P.S.  I do know Kevin J. Risner, and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy.  I will be voting for Kevin on Saturday, May 19th.

The fella that most Dem organizations are supporting for Harris County DA also hasn’t voted in a Dem Primary.  I do know this.  Pasadena CM Ornaldo Ybarra is a named plaintiff (along with other Dem Latino leaders) in the federal lawsuit that was filed last year against Harris County on redistricting.  He didn’t have to lend his name but he did.

Commentary found “Smash” to be smashing.  I liked it a lot.  I keep humming some of the tunes from the finale these days.

A couple of days ago I got a king size Alan Rosen mailer.

Commentary was checking out the EV locations yesterday and I think that Dem Chair candidate Keryl Douglas is winning the contest for the most signs.  She sure has a ton of signs at every location.

Former roider Rafael Palmeiro of course is numero 2 among Latinos with 1,835 RBIs (16th overall).

The ‘Stros open an eight game homie this evening and we’re in last place again.


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