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The President is now on board on same sex marriage.  Better late than never if you ask me.

I was watching CNN’s coverage of The President’s decision yesterday and they asked GOP consultant Alex Castellanos about The President.  Castellanos couldn’t criticize because he also supports same sex marriage.  It is only a matter of time (a couple of decades) before the rest of the GOP gets with the times!

Numero 45 hit a ninth inning triple last night.  That’s the 19th career three- bagger for Numero 45 who first came up to the MLB in 1999.  How many seasons has Numero 45 gone without a triple. 

The Chron E-Board let me know that they will only endorse in Harris County Constable, Precinct 1 because they handle mental health warrants and in the SBOE races, but at a later date.

The Chron E-Board endorsed Judge Steve Kirkland today.  Here is part of the endorsement:

An unintended consequence of (Elaine) Palmer’s candidacy to the county Democratic Party, well explained by Chronicle columnist Patricia Kilday Hart ("A little mystery over primary opposition to judge," Page B1, April 19), is the clear potential it has brought for creation of a schism between the party’s crucial black and GLBT voting blocs. This would be destructive to Democrats well beyond a single contested primary race for a civil court bench.

Either way, we conclude, Palmer is the apparently unwitting partner to potentially damaging mischief to both Kirkland and the local Democratic Party.

And so we offer our emphatic endorsement of Steven Kirkland in the May 29 Democratic primary. We strongly encourage the party’s voters to support this highly qualified, deserving candidate.


Particularly given the evidence of chicanery aimed his way, Kirkland deserves Democratic voters’ spirited support.

Here is the entire endorsement.

The night before last, Josh Hamilton of the Rangers smacked four dingers against B’More.  Hamilton became the 16th player to smack four in one game in MLB history.  Last month, Philip Humber of the White Sox, threw a perfect game against the Mariners, becoming the 21st pitcher in MLB history to be perfect.

What is the more impressive feat in the MLB, the perfect game or the four dinger game?

With the perfect game, the pitcher has to face 27 batters, throw 100 plus pitches, and make sure not a single hitter gets a base hit or gets on base.

With the four dinger game, the batter needs to get up to the plate at least four times, and get a pitch he can smack over the fence – four times?

Honestly, I don’t know which one is harder to accomplish. Statistically speaking, the four dingers are harder because in MLB history more batters have come up to bat four times than pitchers starting games. 

They are both very impressive but the perfect game is more glamorous.

Numero 45 has gone three seasons without hitting a triple of course (2004, 2005, and 2008).  His best triple year was last season when he hit four.

We lost in extra innings last night and are now 14-17, take today off, then head to Pittsburgh.


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