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On Monday Commentary mentioned Tom Brokaw’s problem with the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.   Apparently too many celebrities are crashing the dinner. 

Yesterday Brokaw continued his criticism.  Here is from a Huffington Post piece today:

"I do feel strongly that it’s gone way too far," he said. He added that the dinner, which has drawn more and more Hollywood celebrities ever year, gives off a "let them eat cake" air to the rest of the country, and seemed to say that "we’re more interested in celebrities than we are in the concerns of real folks who are out there."

It was, he said, "just the worst kind of symbolism," as well as an "exercise simply in hedonism."

Brokaw finished by saying that he refuses to attend the event anymore. Playing off of what he said was an old Native American belief that a photograph will steal one’s soul, he said, "If you go it’ll steal your soul."

I don’t have a problem with Brokaw’s takes on this but he needs to check out his employer first.   Two of NBC’s best journalists, “The Today Show’s” Natalie Morales and former White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie were assigned red carpet duty last January for NBC’s coverage of the celebrity infested hedonistic Golden Globe Awards.  I didn’t hear a peep from Brokaw on this.

Check out the entire Huffington Post piece here.

I think Brokaw is chasing the wrong boogeyman.

Who holds the MLB record for most base hits in a season?

Late this summer, Democrats will be holding their National Convention in North Carolina.  I don’t know about that.

I don’t feel sorry for Indiana GOP Senator Richard Lugar this morning.  He deserved it.  That’s what he gets for towing the party line.

Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners of course holds the MLB record for most base hits in a season with 262 in 2004.

The ‘Stros got back on track last night and are now 14-16.



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