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Happy Birthday today to H-Town CM James Rodriguez!

Local billionaire John Arnold is getting out of the energy trading business to “pursue other interests” according to today’s Chron.   I wonder what he’s going to do now.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with John on a couple of political campaigns.  He and his wife Laura are definitely players in H-Town.  Here is some from today’s Chron:

They became interested in Barry Scheck’s Innocence Project, for example, and helped bring him to Houston to explain the organization’s needs. Not long thereafter, they paid for research into testing ways to reduce false identification in criminal cases.


In the small world of the Houston ultra-wealthy, the Arnolds cut a different profile. They are not on the political right – they have donated significant amounts to the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee – and they do not seemed concerned about preservation of their wealth. They have signed the Giving Pledge, an effort promoted by billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to get wealthy Americans to commit to giving away most of their money before they die.

Whatever interests they decided to pursue, you can bet they’ll be good at it.  Maybe they will decide to take over the local Dem Party.
Here is the entire Chron piece.

Last night, Commentary was with my client, Traci Jensen, candidate for State Board of Education, District 6 in the Democratic Party Primary at a LULAC forum for candidates.  One of our opponents, Patty Quintana-Nilsson, said she would work to do away with the bilingual education program.  I don’t know about that.

Who had a better won-loss pitching record as a ‘Stro, The Rocket or Andy Pettitte?

My pal Bill King has a good piece today ‘splaining the GMPs or general mobility payments.  That’s the money that Houston METRO hands out to their municipalities every year.  We’re going to be talking about GMPs a lot this year so it would probably be a good idea to read Bill’s column in today’s Chron. 
Here it is.

Last night’s “Rock Center” was must see TV.  The entire hour was about events surrounding the Situation Room and the take down of bin Laden. 

Rolling Stone released their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and The Beatles snagged four of the Top 10 slots:  Sgt. Peppers (1), Revolver (3), Rubber Soul (5), and The White Album (10).  I definitely don’t have a problem with that.

The Rocket (38-18) of course had a better won-loss record than Andy Pettitte (37-27) during their three year stay with the ‘Stros (2004-2006).  Of course The Rocket probably has Rolling Stone’s Album Numero Uno because the feds allege he had a little help from his friends.

‘Stro third baseman Chris Johnson had two dingers and 6 RBIs yesterday.   Albert Pujols only has 5 RBIs for the season.  The ‘Stros swept the Mets yesterday and are now 11-14.  We have the day off then San Luis comes in for three.


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