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Get with the times!  I’m talking about the system for those candidates that still have to file their campaign and expenditure reports with the County.  Memo to Hunker Down, Vince, and the County Clerk:  How come candidates can’t file online like at the State and the City of H-Town? Commentary had to go drop off a couple of reports at the courthouse yesterday and I parked on the street.  One parking gizmo was out of paper and one down the block wasn’t working.  Thinking I could just zip in and out without running down another block to get a parking slip, I ended up waiting in line just to turn in a couple of freaking reports.  You guessed it!  When I finally returned to my car I was welcomed by one of those glowing green parking tickets slapped on my windshield.  All this could have been easily avoided if the County just got with the times and allow for folks to file online.  Hunker Down, it’s time to Hunker Up on this!

The Mets are in town.  Of course everybody knows that the Mets and the ‘Stros came into MLB at the same time way back in 1962.  Everybody also knows that the ‘Stros still don’t have a former player in the MLB Hall of Fame wearing ‘Stros gear.  Do the Mets have any former players in the Hall of Fame wearing Mets gear?

The Chron E-Board has a good take today on ethics over at HCC and HISD.  This is how it starts:

We’re glad to hear that the boards of both the Houston Independent School District and Houston Community College are discussing their ethics policies ("HISD, college develop plans to buff image," Page B1, Friday). We’ve seen too many smelly deals that didn’t break either Texas law or any of the current rules.

Here is the entire take.

Here is from Alyson’s Footnotes:

* The Astros have greatly improved in plate discipline from last year. In 2011, the Astros ranked 30th (last) with a 2.5 walks-per-game ratio. This year, through Sunday’s game, they were drawing 3.6 walks per game, good for seventh-best in the Majors. The difference of 1.1 walk improvement is the second- best in the big leagues, behind only the Indians (2.0).

Tom “Terrific” Seaver of course is the only Hall of Fame great that wears Mets gear.

We got two walks last night and the ‘Stros won 4-3.  The Chron said we would go 10-13 in April but we went 9-14.  What do they know?


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