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Last week Harris County Democratic Party Chair candidate Kerly Douglas held a press conference to deny that her campaign sent out that gay bashing hate email about Lane Lewis our Harris County Democratic Party Chair.  Yes, let me repeat, our Harris County Democratic Party Chair. 

Noel Freeman, President of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, put out an email last week saying he had figured out that the Douglas Campaign had indeed put out the hate trash.  Freeman said:

“They were identical. The metadata that was attached was identical, and it says Keryl Douglas campaign.  You’d be amazed at how stupid people can be about this stuff.”

Last Friday Commentary said:

“If you are old school like Commentary and pick up your fish wrap on the driveway every morning then you probably saw Patricia Kilday Hart’s piece on the Keryl Douglas hate email that went out earlier this week.  I would have come down a lot harder on Douglas.”

Here is what Kuffer says:

Finally, from Patricia Kilday Hart, who unfortunately treats this as a he-said/she-said dispute instead of exhibiting any curiosity about whether the objective claim being made about the “Ministers for Keryl” email is, you know, factually correct or not:

Here is all of Kuffer.

Here is Patricia Kilday Hart.

More from Kuffer today on the source of the hate email.

At her press conference last Thursday, Keryl Douglas was joined by one of the Kubosh brothers.  Now that ought to concern local Dems.  I personally don’t have anything against the Kuboshers but they generally support GOP candidates and policies.  Two years ago they put up the money to roll over the well funded red light camera forces.  How do we know they are not going pour a wad of dough into the Douglas campaign?  Not once have I ever heard a Kubosher say they are working for the best interest of the Democratic Party. 

In case you hadn’t heard, some folks are getting their mail ballots today so the voting has begun and what are folks doing to help out Lane Lewis?  We’re going to have a low turnout.  Historically, nobody generally gives a rat’s arse about Dem Party Chair races in these parts. The Chair’s race is the last race on the ballot but could arguably be one of the most important. 

What happens if the Douglas campaign drops a couple or three or four targeted mail pieces in HD 131 and 146 where things are active right now?  You get picture, pardon the pun?

Democratic Party elected officials, organizations, donors, precinct judges, and activists that endorsed Lewis need to do their part to help get him elected.  Those Dem office holders that got a free pass and are running unopposed or have extra cash laying around need to fork some over to the Lewis campaign pronto.  The same goes for major donors.  Organizations and activists that can’t afford to give then need to do the next best thing.  Make sure everybody you know that goes to the poll votes on the last race on the ballot and make sure they vote for Lane and let them know what might happen if they skip this race.  Put it on your facebook, tweet it, whatever.

If anybody tells you – “aw, Lane doesn’t have a problem,” they don’t know what they are talking about.   Lane needs to get some mail out.  He has to have signs at all the polling places.  He needs robo calls.  A little over 100,000 voters or a 5.4% turnout voted in the 2010 Dem Primary in Harris County.  I don’t know how many are going to the polls this time around but they certainly need to know something about Lane Lewis and who is supporting him.

Let me repeat, thousands of 65 and older Dem voters will start voting today and are we comfortable that Lewis is getting the majority of their votes?   Yeah, yeah, sure, Lane has just about all of the endorsements from elected officials and organizations but do the 65 and older Dem voters know this today?

If we all don’t do our part thinking that somebody else will step up, then that’s what you call playing with fire.   Let’s take care of business because it sure beats one big PR problem the Dem Party will have the evening of May 29 if we don’t.

I don’t want to have to quote Don Corleone when he was addressing the other families:  “Then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room.  And that I do not forgive.”

How many current or former MLBers have ever hosted “Saturday Night Live”?

Commentary forgot to mention the Chron E-Board’s take on the Texas Ethics Commission this past Friday.  The E-Board is all for giving the Ethics Commission Jaws-like authority.  This is how the piece ends:

The TEC needs to go after the big sharks in Austin, like unregistered lobbyists and those elected officials whose extravagant lifestyles hint at under-the-table donations. But since its creation, the TEC has been hampered by weak authority and distracted by minor violations. The best way to go after the big fish is to give the TEC some teeth and let it be a shark.

Here is the entire E-Board take.

KPRC-TV’s Khambrel Marshall is now hosting a Sunday morning show on local newsmakers.  One of the topics that he addressed yesterday was the Southwest versus United air war.  A couple of H-Town City Council committees will jointly take up the air war topic today.

Three former and current MLBers of course have hosted SNL:  Bob Uecker (1984), the late Billy Martin (1986), and Derek Jeter (2001).

‘Stros left fielder J.D. Martinez had the first ever dinger at Fish Field this past Friday night.    Fish second baseman Omar Infante had the first ever Fish dinger for a Fish at Fish Field yesterday and that weird dinger sculpture in left center field started dinging like a winning slot machine. We’re 4-5 and in our nation’s capitol today.


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The ‘Stros visit Fish Field tonight in Little Havana.  Of course, the Fish have two World Serious Championships (1997 and 2003).  How many times have the Fish made it to the playoffs?

Commentary likes CNN talking head Hilary Rosen.  I generally enjoy her takes.  I’m wondering if she’s thinking she should have just called in sick instead of showing up at the CNN studios this past Wednesday.  She’s created a firestorm of sorts with her remarks about Ann Romney being a stay-at-home mom.  The fallout from the remarks made the front page of today’s hard copy of the Chron.

Of course all this started because Mitt Romney said he gets reports on the status of women and their issues from his wife and Hilary Rosen was asked about that.

In today’s Politico there is a piece called “The Draperizing of Mitt Romney” that touches on the Rosen take.  Here is some of it:

Even before the Rosen flap, some prominent activists argued that there are limits to Ann Romney’s ability to appeal to women — despite her acknowledged strengths as a surrogate — based on a potential lack of common experiences.

“I simply have not seen her in any way as an advocate for women’s empowerment in society,” said Kim Gandy, the former head of the National Organization for Women, of Ann Romney before Rosen’s comments. “And since Gov. Romney looks to her to find out what women care about, that does not bode well. I haven’t heard her speaking out about increasing women’s opportunity for higher paid employment, for women in non-traditional occupations, specifically for increasing pay equity for women, closing the pay gap, certainly not on women’s reproductive rights.”

Privately, senior Democrats are even more candid — predicting that the relitigating of the Mommy Wars against the backdrop of a larger Retro Mitt campaign is not a battle that any Republican, and especially not this one, can win.

“She doesn’t connect in any ways with the women that he has a problem with,” a Democratic strategist aligned with Obama said of Ann Romney, alluding to the GOP hopeful’s polling deficit with younger, college-educated women. “She’s as foreign to them as he is. That’s not to disparage anybody who stays home and raises kids. But she’s just not like them.”

A second Democratic strategist acknowledged that the Rosen flap was “messy today,” but added: “They’re not going to win on this issue.”

Here is the entire Politico piece.

I don’t know if Hilary Rosen wanted to be this week’s campaign topic but she is today and she will be on Sunday when she will appear on “Meet the Press.”

The Fish have been to the MLB playoffs twice of course, in 1997 and 2003 as Wild Card winners when they went on to win two rings.  They have never won the NL East if you can believe that.

If you are old school like Commentary and pick up your fish wrap on the driveway every morning then you probably saw Patricia Kilday Hart’s piece on the Keryl Douglas hate email that went out earlier this week.  If you ask me, I would have come down a lot harder on Douglas.

The ‘Stros will be the first visiting team to play a three game series at Fish Field and the first to play in Little Havana since Ozzie Guillen sang the praises of Fidel Castro.  Let’s play beisbol!


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According to Burkablog, Guv Dude has decided to run again for reelection.  This is all Burkablog had to say on the matter:

Perry tells fundraiser crowd he’s running in 2014.  So I am told by an eyewitness. Not exactly music to Greg Abbott’s ears.

Commentary hopes he does run and hopes he wins the GOP nomination.  I think he could be beat in the general election.  Of course, if the folks that are running the Lone Star Dem Party these days are still in charge in 2014, then Dems can forget about beating Dude.   We need a fresh candidate with a fresh team.  Stay tuned!

I picked this up from a story in the SA Express News about the San Antonio Mayor criticizing GOP Marco Rubio’s DREAM Act proposal:

A recent Pew Hispanic Center poll showed 91 percent of Hispanics favor the DREAM act.

Check out the story here.

Last night future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones of The ATL played his last game at The Yard (unless we meet up with The ATL in the playoffs).  Here’s a twofer:  In what round was he selected in the MLB Amateur Player Draft and did he ever win the NL MVP Award?

Around this time in 1984, my friend Ambassador Bob Krueger, then State Sen. Lloyd Doggett, and then Cong. Kent Hance were locked in a battle for the Dem nomination for U.S. Senate for the seat being vacated by the late Sen. John Tower.  In one of the closest Dem primary statewide race ever, they finished in this order:  Hance, Doggett, and Krueger with 1,560 votes separating Hance from Krueger.  Doggett ended up edging out Hance in the runoff and got clobbered by Phil Gramm in the general.

CEWDEM sent out a note last night that Ambassador Krueger and his wife Kathleen, a former New Braunfels Mayor Pro Tem, endorsed Sylvia Romo for Congress in the 35th Congressional District Dem Primary race.  Oh did I mention that Romo is running against Cong. Lloyd Doggett.  Oh, well!

In the latest on the air wars, the Southwest mantra appears to be “Free Hobby!”  Southwest supporters are sending out emails to some members of the H-Town City Council with the “Free Hobby” line attached.

Chipper Jones was the first pick in the first round of course of the 1990 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  He won the NL MVP Award in 1999 of course when he hit .319 with 45 dingers and 110 RBIs. 

We’re three and three with today off before we head to Little Havana and play our first game ever at Fish Field. 


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Now that Santorum is out, nobody is going to care about the remaining primaries, so it looks like local races will drive turnout in both party primaries here in the Lone Star State.  I really don’t think the U.S. Senate race over in the GOP Primary will catch on fire. 

Former State Senator Carlos Truan from Corpus Christi left us yesterday.  He was a force and powerhouse in Latino politics in the Lone Star State back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.  He was a champion of public education and bilingual education.   Back in the days when Democrats used to win statewide races, if you were a candidate, you would have been wise to travel to Nueces County to visit with him and get his active support and blessing.  He was also a key leader in creating and building the Latino Caucus (Mexican American Democrats and Tejano Democrats) within the Texas Democratic Party.  He is truly a hero in our community.  He’ll be missed.

The Chron E-Board has a take today on Latina voting power here.
Nice job.

Ozzie Guillen’s mouth has got him in trouble again this time with the Cuban community of South Florida.  The Fish Skipper has been suspended for five games.  Guillen played in the bigs for 15 or so years.  He played on four different MLB clubs.  Name them? 

Since Ozzie thinks Fidel Castro is a great guy, does that make him a “Commie Pinko” or something like that?

GOP Cong. Kevin Brady weighed in again today on the United versus Southwest air war.  In an Op-Ed in today’s Chron, Cong. Brady says it’s H-Town versus The Big D and not United versus Southwest.

Check it out here.

Ozzie Guillen played for the White Sox, The ATL, B’More, and the Rays of course.

Last night the team played wearing the Colt 45s uniforms and they gave out 10,000 45s lids that were of good quality for a change.  We lost and are now 3-2.  Head out to The Yard this evening to check out future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones’ last game ever at The Yard.


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The supporters of Harris County Democratic Party Chair candidate Keryl Douglas have injected a hate strategy to help them win on May 29 – I guess?  The gay bashing email that was sent out yesterday that just about every Dem with a computer commented on struck me as kind of odd, convoluted, sad, and stupid.  What’s the point other than letting us know they’re arseholes?  I guess I got complacent and thought the hate mongers were no longer part of our local Party.   I thought they had all been run out.  Let’s say Ms. Douglas wins on May 29, what kind of cooperation is she going to get from Dem activists during her two years as Chair of the Party?  Who in the heck is her consultant?  How do they figure that a hate strategy helps them win?  They would have been better off just hoping that by the time folks scrolled down to the end of the ballot (where you can find the Dem Party Chair race) her name sounded better than the Chairman’s.  What do I know?

The Statesman today has a story about the Sunset Advisory Commission suggesting that the Ethics Commission be given more authority.  I’m all for that.  Here is a bit from the Statesman:

When two prominent state House Republicans last week asked the Texas Ethics Commission to investigate a powerful special-interest group and its president for what they called illegal lobbying, Reps. Jim Keffer and Vicki Truitt said it was important for the state agency to stop the abuse.

But if history is a measure, odds are that little will happen — other than perhaps a fine.


"So far, they’ve been a toothless tiger — except for some fines for paperwork violations," said Fred Lewis, an Austin attorney and government watchdog.

But now, as the agency faces a state evaluation of its performance, which will be discussed in a public hearing today before the Sunset Advisory Commission, a series of recommended changes could fix some of that.

In its staff report, the sunset commission recommended that the ethics agency be allowed to resolve small paperwork complaints more easily to free up more resources to conduct investigations.

The Ethics Commission needs to be given more staff including investigators and they need to be independent and free of partisan control.  It would probably be a good idea if they would talk to folks like Commentary that can pretty much let them know how folks (my opponents) get away with stuff when it comes to campaign reports and expenditures.  Good luck!  I’d like to see major changes happen but I’m not holding my breath.

Here is the Statesman story.

From the Maxwell’s Hammer Department:  Last night new ‘Stro Justin Maxwell stepped up to the plate in his first at-bat wearing the brick yard and he smacked a pinch hit two-run dinger.  Maxwell was drafted by the Nationals in the fourth round of the 2005 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who did the Nationals draft in Round 1 of the 2005 Draft?

Things are fixing to get more interested at City Hall as the Aviation Director is supporting a proposal to let Southwest Airlines go international from Hobby.  I’m thinking a whole lot of folks are going to weigh in on this before it is over. 

Check out the Chron story here.

Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman of course was drafted in Round 1 by the Nationals in the 2005 Draft.

The team is 3-1 and they will be wearing the throwback six-shooter jerseys this evening.


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The United versus Southwest battle takes it up a notch today as the City of H-Town’s Aviation Director releases a much anticipated study on the matter. 

Meanwhile, the Chron’s business columnist is supporting the Southwest plan to go international.  Here is part of his piece:

More than three decades after competition came to the airline industry, some of the biggest carriers still struggle to grasp the concept.


The city should grant Southwest its "building permit" and let the market – in this case, passengers – decide the winner.

Here is the entire piece.

Kuffer also spends a lot of time on the issue here.

Of course, the Chron’s business columnist doesn’t have a vote on City Council.   Neither does Kuffer.

One thing is for sure, the Chron is going to give this battle a whole lot of run.  Heck, they even ran a story last week on the comments from the “comments” section.  Stay tuned!

Name the oldest MLB pitcher to ever serve up a lead-off dinger?

Some right wingers want to change the rules of the Texas GOP Prez Primary and go with the winner-take-all thinking it might hurt Romney and help Santorum.  Here is part of what they put out this past weekend – It’s on Burkablog:

Contrary to what you may have heard from the national media, the race for the Republican presidential nominee is far from over.

Here is all from Burkablog.

Let’s see now, Newt said yesterday it is probably over.  Jeb Bush says it’s over, same for Marco Rubio, and that Ryan fella.  The RNC also says it is over.

Calling out the “national media” is kind of silly.

On Opening Weekend, 43,000 showed up on Friday, 23,000 on Saturday, and 14,000 plus yesterday.  Where were you?  Here is from the Chron:

The Astros are a winning baseball team for the first time since July 29, 2009 thanks to a two-out rally that ended with Brian Bogusevic’s go-ahead single off lefthander Rex Brothers and a 3-2 win over the Rockies.

Playing in front of 14,195 on Easter Sunday, making it the smallest announced crowd in the 12-plus-year history of Minute Maid Park, the Astros (2-1) sent the fans home happy thanks to an early Carlos Lee RBI double and the short burst against the hard-throwing (Rex) Brothers.

On Opening Day, Bethany pointed out that Clay Walker was using a cheat sheet when he was singing “God Bless America” and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch – yikes, he was having to read the lyrics.  Come on, Clay!

Commentary snagged a foul ball on Opening Day and the ball has the 50th Anniversary logo stamped on it.  It was a line shot one hopper that I snagged barehanded.  I gave it to Mary’s and Dudley’s youngest.

Remember when numero 9 used to belong to Hunter Pence?  Not these days.  Numero 9 is now worn by shortstop Marwin Gonzalez.

49-year old Jamie Moyer of course of the Rockies served up a lead-off dinger to ‘Stro center fielder Jordan Schafer Saturday night at The Yard.

Yesterday didn’t start out so nice for MariGirl.  First she got stung by a bee that required first aid attention.  Then she got served a dry burger at the Five Seven.    At least she got a foul ball courtesy of Commentary after I snagged my second of the year.   It was another one hop shot that I snagged with my armpit that deservedly got replayed and a quickie analysis by JD and Brownie.

It was nice to start the season with a series win.


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Well, today is Opening Day and Pam-In-Charge isn’t.  That’s too bad.  I have my Opening Weekend line-up set.  Bethany will go with me today, Dante tomorrow, and MariGirl on Sunday. 

I’m still among the most loyal of fans.  I’m still hoping for our first ever World Serious title.

I’m still wondering when we will get to return to play on Sunday night on ESPN.

I even have fantasize that we will somehow miraculously win the World Serious title this season and one next season and become the first MLB club to win World Serious titles in two different leagues.

I’m still waiting for a ‘Stro pitcher to hurl a no-no at The Yard.

Well, it can’t get worse than last season – can it?

It still is the best game ever invented though!

How’s your Good Friday going, James?  It’s a slow day so I got to go with the Chron’s Chris Moran’s take this morning in Chron.com about H-Town CM James Rodriguez and his colleague Helena Brown:

Evidence that District I Councilman James Rodriguez and District A Councilwoman Helena Brown won’t be going to lunch together soon continued to emerge Wednesday as they took opposite sides on what’s been the most heated issue of the year to date: feeding the homeless.

Rodriguez championed Mayor Annise Parker‘s initiative to regulate charitable meals as a way to coordinate giving so the most food gets to the most people and to curb the littering that occurs at feeding sites. Brown attacked the measure from the time it got to Rodriguez’s Quality of Life Committee and continued to criticize it the day after Council passed it on an 11-6 vote.

Though they’ve had a public confrontation in the past, Wednesday’s debate did not get personal. The only jibes they pointed at each other were silent and indirect — dueling tags. Brown put a tag (a parliamentary maneuver that delays action on an agenda item for a week) on $220,000 for the purchase of equipment for a library in Rodriguez’s district. Nine items later, Rodriguez tagged a $967,900 engineering contract for drainage and paving work in Brown’s district.

They’ll never be a tag team because she’s the “Tag Queen”….awwwww!

Opening Day at The Yard is today and as of this morning we don’t know if new ‘Stro Jed Lowrie will start at shortstop.  He’s a little dinged up.  Name the former ‘Stro that holds the record for most Opening Day starts at shortstop?

The Chron E-Board is letting the H-Town Air War combatants know that they intend to pick a side.  They laid out a six point criteria in today’s edition.

Check it out here.

This fella won’t be at The Yard tonight.  Heck, I didn’t even know he was still around.  Check out a current photo of Charles Manson here.

Roger Metzger of course started at shortstop on eight Opening Days for the ‘Stros.

From Alyson’s Footnotes:   The Astros are the second-youngest team in the big leagues. The average age of their 25-man roster is 27.82 years, behind only the Royals, whose average age is 27.42.

Let’s play ball!


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During an election season in these parts, it is arguably one of the most sought after endorsements in Democratic Party and City of H-Town elections.  I’m talking about the Houston GLBT PAC endorsement.  Commentary dropped by the GLBT PAC’s endorsement meeting last night and the meeting room was packed.  I’m talking about so many folks in the room that perspiration ruled.  They easily get the attendance award for most folks at an endorsement meeting this election season.

Former H-Town CMs Jolanda Jones and Sue Lovell, current CMs C.L. Bradford and Mike Laster, State Rep. Sylvester Turner, and six Schechters (including The Ambassador, the former State Rep/Party Chair, the HCC Trustee, and the Political Consultant) were in the mix.

The races that got the most attention were Harris County Constable, Precinct 1 and State Rep. District 137.  In Precinct 1, Alan Rosen prevailed over Cindy Vara-Leija and Grady Castleberry.  In 137, it was Jamaal Smith over Joe Madden. 

Three of Commentary’s clients also were endorsed by the GLBT PAC last night:  Traci Jensen, candidate for State Board of Education, District 6, Joe Martinez, candidate for Harris County Constable, Precinct 2, and Harris County Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino.

In a low turnout election like the one we are expecting in the Democratic Party Primary, endorsements can play a larger role in determining the outcome.  The GLBT PAC will print up their slate card, send it out over the internet, hand it out at some of the early voting locations and Election Day polls, and if they have the funds, maybe even mail it out.   It is an endorsement that is backed up. 

The endorsements will probably have a greater impact in the Constable Precinct 1 and State Board of Education, District 6 races next month.  This is certainly not to minimize the endorsements in other races.  Constable Trevino and Joe Martinez are certainly grateful and excited about their endorsement from the GLBT PAC. 

Commentary has give congrats to Noel Freeman, Maverick Welsh, and the Screening Committee members for doing an outstanding job last night.  They even handed out scorecards on how they rated the candidates that screened and even got up to ‘splain their choices.  Nice job!

Opening Day at The Yard is tomorrow evening and Jose Altuve will start at second base against the Rockies.  Name the former ‘Stro that holds the record for most Opening Day starts in center field?

Before I made it out to the Houston GLBT PAC meeting last night, I was at Constable Trevino’s campaign kick-off.  Over 100 folks from the community showed up including Senator Mario Gallegos, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, H-Town CMs Melissa Noriega and Ed Gonzalez, HCC Trustee Eva Loredo, JPs JoAnn Delgado, Armando Rodriguez, and Richard Vara, and Dem State Party Vice-Chair Lenora Sorola-Pohlman.  There were a lot of older voters in attendance.

This is from the SA Express News today:

State Rep. Lyle Larson is asking Mexican President Felipe Calderón to pay for services that Texas provides immigrants who are here illegally.

Here is the entire piece.

You better watch what you ask for.  Mexico may ask for reimbursement for all the families of victims of gun violence from guns made in the U.S. of A.  Now that’s a lot of dough!

Cesar Cedeno of course started in center field on nine Opening Days for the ‘Stros.

New Fish Field opened in Miami last night with The Greatest ‘handing” over the ceremonial first pitch – cool.

The ‘Stros 25 player roster is now set and it includes 10 Latinos but who’s counting.


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44 years ago today Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

This morning the H-Town City Council will finally get around to deciding on an ordinance that deals with how you go about feeding the homeless in parts of Downtown and Midtown.  Some folks against the revised proposed ordinance showed up at City Hall yesterday wearing T-shirts that had The Mayor’s mug printed on them.   A lot of folks have put out their takes on the revised proposed ordinance.   I wonder if they have actually been out there to check out how folks go about handing out grub and if they leave a mess when they are done.   Commentary hasn’t been out there to observe.

I do know that H-Town CM James Rodriguez who represents the target areas has a lot of experience dealing with this issue.  I also know that groups that help the homeless also have extensive experience with this issue.  I also know that the folks that hand out the grub to the homeless also have experience.  I also know that the homeless that take the grub also have experience.  I don’t so I’ll just leave it to the folks that do have knowledge about this issue.

After Mitt Romney’s wins last night, there are only three people in the country that still think the GOP race for Prez isn’t over.

Opening Day at The Yard is this Friday and J.D. Martinez will start in left field against the Rockies.  Name the former ‘Stro that holds the record for most Opening Day starts in left field?

The local media was invited to tour the Astrodome yesterday and the reports are pretty bleak and dismal.  You can go to the Houston Press or Chron.com to see some of the photos.   Those that went on the tour had to sign a waiver.  That ought to tell you something.  Slowly but surely folks will come around to thinking like Commentary on what to do with the Astrodome. 

Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuz of course started in left field on eight Opening Days.

From Chron.com:

The Reds need six wins to be the sixth team with 10,000, while the Astros need their exact total from last year, 56, to finish their NL tenure at 4,000.

Numero 45 needs 48 games to join Bobby Abreu as the only active players with 2,000 games and no World Series appearances.

I dropped by The Yard last night to check out the second-to-the-last exhibition game of the year and the price of a St. Arnold is still the same, the new five dollar beer comes in a tiny cup, and Platinum Security has replace Five Star – got it!



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An upcoming e-book called “Inside the Circus” says that Guv Dude’s goofiness on the Prez campaign trail was the result of being on pain killers.  What’s wrong with that? If you are in pain, you take pain killers, right?  Dude’s spokesperson is vehemently denying the claim.  I don’t know why Dude just doesn’t come clean and admit he was popping a few.  Last I checked, in the Lone Star State, Iowa, or New Hampshire, you can’t be charged with a CUI, err campaigning under the influence.  Here is from Chron.com:

Gov. Rick Perry‘s heavy use of painkillers to help relieve severe back pain may have kept the governor from the top of his game last fall during an aborted presidential run, according to an e-book being released today.

Author James Moore, who has written about both Perry and former President George W. Bush, figures Perry would benefit by running with the painkiller defense.

“If I were the Perry organization, I would jump all over the notion that it was painkillers making me loopy on the campaign trail,” Moore said. “Otherwise, there’s no other explanation beyond the incontrovertible facts that the Texas governor is not very bright or thoughtful and has no business being considered for president or the leader with the ability to be the chief executive of this state.”

Moore said, “There’s no explanation for his goofiness that night in Manchester other than drugs or alcohol. He’s never been that silly in public and has always been able to focus his wrongheaded approach on the issues. Nobody other than the Pooh Bear had ever been so excited about a jar of syrup.”

Here is the entire Chron piece.

Here is what Burkablog said yesterday about Dude and pain killers:

I believe this story 100%. I wrote at the time, watching Perry debate, that he was clearly experiencing discomfort, that he kept twisting his torso, leaning on the podium, trying to find a comfortable position. As did several other journalists, I pointed out that he was wearing comfortable shoes, not boots. I wrote that I had had back surgery myself, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It’s hard for your back muscles to hold you up.

The question that must be asked, and must be answered, is what did the people in the Perry campaign know about Perry’s use of painkillers, and when did they know it? Perry has always run a secretive operation, but to run the risk of addiction as a presidential candidate, not to mention the risk of having it be discovered, is, even by Perry standards, amazingly reckless. The revelations in the book raise a the issue of whether he should continue to serve as governor, much less contemplate another presidential race. Perry should be called upon to release his medical records immediately. If these allegations stick, I don’t see how he can be a viable candidate for any office.

Dude is damaged goods.  He is also one of these macho fellas that aren’t going to admit that pills made him look like a total dumbarse.   That comes naturally, I guess.  I also don’t think that we need a full scale investigation or hearing on this.  Oh, well!

Speaking of dumbarse moves, the Harris County GOP wanted to charge their candidates a fee to speak at their senatorial conventions but the idea got soundly rejected by their precinct judges last night.  Whose idea was that?  Was it Jared’s idea or a consultant?  Maybe that Big Jolly fella will name the culprit.

Check out the Chron story here.

Opening Day at The Yard is this Friday and Numero 45 will start at first base against the Rockies.  Name the former ‘Stro that holds the record for most Opening Day starts at third base?

Expect a whole lot of folks to show up at the City of H-Town’s Council Meeting this afternoon to talk about the revised proposed ordinance on how you go about feeding the homeless around Downtown and Midtown.  This issue has certainly stirred up a lot of emotion and passion.

Here is the Chron story.

Governor Sarah Palin joined the “lamestream” media this morning when she co-hosted “The Today Show”.  She did A-Okay.   There were references to newspaper reading, Tina Fey, and the recent movie about her.  She handled it like a pro.

The late Ken Caminiti of course made eights Opening Day starts at third base for the ‘Stros.

49-year old Jamie Moyer will take the mound for the Rockies at The Yard Saturday night – wow!


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