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Ted Cruz is getting hammered by that killer ad that the Lite Guv’s campaign has put out.  I’m sure most folks have seen it.  It’s the one that has the U.S. of A. business owner calling out Cruz for representing a Chinese company that supposedly stole blueprints from the business owner’s company.   In today’s political environment, probably the only thing worse than representing a Chinese company that ripped off a U.S. of A. company is representing a child molester.  He’d been better off representing a serial killer or the mob. 
The SA Express News has a column on the matter here.
The ad could very well help the Lite Guv avoid a dreaded runoff with Cruz.

My pal H-Town CM Mike Sullivan got endorsed by the Chron E-Board this past Friday in his race for Tax Assessor-Collector in the GOP Primary.  Here is part of what the E-Board says:

"We have a responsibility to register people," Sullivan says. "Voter registration is really what it’s all about. Voter registration drives are as vital as paper drives."

Sullivan’s view that the tax office should be administrative not political makes his case for election most convincingly. For too long, it has not been that way.
Here is the entire endorsement.

In Phil Garner’s first full season as the ‘Stros skipper in 2005, the team won 89 games.  Of course Scrap Iron also was the skipper for the Brewers and Tigers.  Did any of his Brewers or Tigers team ever win more than 89 games under Scrap Iron?

There was report in the Chron the other day about a developer fixing to build a 254 unit four- story apartment building over by Heights and Washington.  That’s right down the street from where the new WalMart is going up.  I don’t know about that.  A new big arse Kroger is going up on Studewood right across the street from the Arnie’s.  I also don’t know about that.  The traffic is certainly going to get thicker in those parts.  I sure the City of H-Town planners have prepared for this.  If not it is going to give CM Cohen a bunch of headaches. 

In 1992, Scrap Iron’s Brewers team won 92 games of course while still playing in the AL.  Scrap Iron is celebrating his 63rd BD today.

The team gets back to The Yard tonight limping along at 8-14 and starting a nine game homie that includes a visit by the Mets, San Luis, and the Fish.


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