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Channel 11’s Shern-Min Chow dropped by Commentary’s place yesterday to talk about a term I coined that made it to the anchor desk last night on Channel 11’s 10 pm newscast – “foul ball etiquette.”  Commentary was asked to provide analysis of the video of the couple that is being vilified for not handing over that foul ball to a three year old at a Rangers-Yankees game Wednesday evening in Arlington.  Since I’ve snagged close to 90 foul balls over the years at Minute Maid I’m considered to local expert of sorts on when to give it to a kid and when it’s a keeper. 

If you catch a hard hit lined foul ball barehanded, that’s a keeper. 

If one bounces around in the stands and it lands at your feet and a kid is standing close to you, hand it over.

If you catch an easy one with a glove and a kid is around, hand it over.

If you get one at a World Serious or All Star game with the Serious or All Star game imprint, that’s a keeper.

If it’s Chipper Jones’ last game at The Yard and he hits the foul ball, that’s a keeper.

You get the picture.

To play it safe, take a kid like I take Dante or go on a school night when a lot of kids aren’t at The Yard.

There is a good story today on ethics at HISD and HCC.  Here are some highlights:

"We want to clean up our reputation in the community," HCC trustee Carroll Robinson said.


HCC trustee Richard Schechter is advocating restrictions on the timing and amount of campaign donations.

"We don’t need to be raising money year-round for six years as community college trustees," he said at a board meeting last week.


Richard Shaw, the secretary-treasurer of the Harris County AFL-CIO Council, has called for HISD and HCC to go further, banning contributions from any vendors.


Marc Campos, a Houston political consultant, said limiting campaign donations could result in only wealthy people running for office. But he believes some caps are needed due to perceptions of a pay-to-play system.

Here is the entire piece.

Stay tuned!

A lot of folks know that Larry Dierker made his debut with the ‘Stros on his 18th BD on September 22, 1964.  Name the team that he faced and name the Hall of Famer that he struck out in the first inning?

Every now and then Commentary has to clear stuff up.  I put out Commentary in the morning and folks can go online and read it and send it out if they want.  I think you can even go and sign up and it gets automatically sent to you – I think.  I try to let everyone know if I have conflicts or stuff like that related to clients.  I don’t play the hidden ball trick.  I also don’t tell CEWDEM to put my stuff out.  He does it on his own.  He got this yesterday related to my client Traci Jensen, an outstanding candidate for State Board of Education, District 6:

My name is Patty Quintana-Nilsson and I am a candidate for the Texas State Board of Education.

While reading today’s commentary, I noticed that Mr Campos used todays platform to promote his own personal client’s link to the KHOU interviews that were recorded for all of the Democratic SBOE candidates.

(Jensen, Scott and myself).

I fully appreciate his disclosure, however, the more appropriate action would have been to fairly provide the link to all of the Democratic SBOE interviews, disclosing the fact that Jensen is his own client.

I would sincerely appreciate a correction to this as this forum and emailing is not, to my understanding, a platform for one person to promote his own personal clientele which he represents for financial gain.

Here is what my pal Harold Cook put out:

I have no dog in this hunt, but this made me laugh. What "more appropriate action?" Appropriate is whatever the blog owner says it is, since they’re paying the freight. She should get her own blog and knock herself out promoting the bejesus out of her own campaign. Marc promoting his client’s opponent would have been malpractice. In no other business (and for Campos, it is a business – until his mortgage company starts accepting his good looks as payment) would the competition ask to be promoted. Campos never confuses his readers as to the nature of his business, his schtick is totally fair game.

Enough said!

Patricia Kilday Hart’s column today is about a day in the life at the courthouse with my GOP pal Gary Polland.  Of course, you can only check out the piece if you are old school like Commentary because Hart’s pieces are tape delayed.  Gary handled himself well.

Dierk faced the Giants in his MLB debut and struck out Hall of Fame great Willie Mays in the first inning of course on his 18th BD.

The ‘Stros are in Cinncy this weekend for three.


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